Question on authorising new devices from Smartthings

This is probably a silly question, but…
I am slowly migrating my Smartthings Simulated Switches to the new Edge architecture. I am using the ‘vEdge Creator’ device to create new virtual switches. This all works well, but I am having a problem getting them to be seen by Sharp Tools. I tried authorizing them through the Sharp Tools SmartApp in Smartthings but this does not seem to work.
What is the best way to authorize new Smartthings devices in Sharp Tools.

I was having issues with getting new edge devices authorized and device states not reflecting correctly so switched to the new integration. Things work so much better.

Next Generation Smartthings Integration

@Terri has you pointed in the right direction. You can proceed through the authorization steps starting from your User PageManage Connections and it will sync over any recently added devices.

The SmartApp is an artifact left over from the Groovy integration.

Since it looks like your account is already migrated to the next-gen connection, changing things in the SmartApp won’t affect your account.

The migration flow removes the Groovy connection from your SharpTools account, but leaves the SmartApp in tact as some people are also using the SharpTools Tasker Plugins which rely on the Groovy integration and those will continue to work until SmartThings shuts down Groovy in December.

If you’re not using the SharpTools Tasker Plugins and you’ve already migrated to the new connection, you can safely remove the SharpTools SmartApp. The next-gen connection shows up under ‘Linked Services’ in the settings of the SmartThings mobile app.

I have already moved to the next-gen connection.
I did eventually find Manage Connections, but it seemed a little clumsy, especially if you have a bit of stuff to change and want to do it a bit at a time.
I do understand this is a result of the removal of the Groovy integration, so I can work with it.
Thanks for your help.

Might be an idea to add a refresh icon or button next to the authorization button. I think it would be much clearer for new and a lot of existing users.
Now it feels like you’re re-authorizing and things might break. Call it a “sync devices” button or something, it can do exactly the same, but people will know better what it means.


Yes - that is a good idea and would have helped my situation

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