Hubitat Virtual Button Device

I am seeing that I can’t add a Hubitat Virtual Button to SharpTools. Is there any plan to include them? Or another workaround?

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, there are a few options. For example, you could add a Virtual Momentary Switch.

What’s the goal of the Hubitat Virtual Button? (eg. how do you plan on using it?)

Edit: Here’s some more details on how to make a Virtual Switch into a momentary switch on Hubitat.

  1. Open the Devices page in your Hubitat administration UI
  2. Click Add Virtual Device
  3. Provide a Name, Network ID, and select Virtual Switch as the Type
  4. From the device page, change the Enable auto off preference to your desired value (eg. 1 second) and press save

I don’t see Virtual Momentary Switch. Is that a custom driver you installed? That would work fine if I had the driver.

Ah…it’s part of the Virtual Switch Driver. Very sneaky.

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