Copy tile to new 'thing'

Once a tile has been customised with different style states etc (which takes time), it would be great to then copy that tile, not only to any other dashboard but to also be able to assign that style (template) to another new tile and assign to a different ‘thing’ or device. This way, if you have multiple things of the same device type, you can apply the same style theme to all of them quickly.

I’ll add to this as well.

I just started using sharptools and with 100+ devices I had to configure the icon and manually select the style on each item (sometimes multiple times if the same device was in multiple dashboards).

I am already using themes, so this has saved me a lot of time, but the themes can only modify so much.
It would be nice to copy/paste a format from 1 tile to the next.
examples: Copy the icon and style, dimensions from a light tile and paste it on all my other light tiles for the same dashboard.

The most annoying one is temperature tiles. While I’m using the themes for tile colors I still have to configure the rules on each tile.


This would be very helpful when editing a Hero Tile (or any other tile) that uses the same “STATE” mapping, but only needs to target a different device.

Redacted custom tile example

Admin note: I’ve moved this example into a collapsed detail box as it doesn’t closely align with the original request and I don’t want it to confuse others.

Since it’s a Custom Tile, you can copy the instance of the Custom Tile on a dashboard and modify which device it points to as the rest of the gauge settings would be copied over with the tile instance.

This is different from a standard Thing tile where you can copy the tile, but you cannot currently modify which ‘Thing’ it points to while retaining the rest of the tile settings including State Mappings for Styles / Icons.


A series of gauges that all use the same “STATES”, but need the values from different temperature sensors.

The ability to simply copy a tile and then select the value from a different device would be nice!

I realize this has been sitting for 3 years, but… :grinning:

I would like something like this as well. I’m migrating from smartthings to HA and one of the biggest things holding me back is having to redo half a dozen tiles for temperature sensors and energy production/consumption - each with variable color states depending on the value.

What if a style state could be saved like a theme? :thinking:

There’s a separate feature request for the ability to define Templates for Color / Icon States which I believe covers what you’re looking for.

Basically the ability to save the state mappings and later load / reference them.

Thanks Josh,
I missed that one. Not sure if it matters, my state is calling for an icon based on state as opposed to a color.

If we could merge all the similar requests we’d have like a million votes!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They are two different requests though (see Feature Requests FAQ for reference).

  • This one is for being able to copy a tile and select a new Thing.
  • The other is for being able to save a Template for Color / Icon Mappings

*I’ve modified the title on the second feature request to make it more clear that it’s not just colors.

Gotcha! I voted for it.