Replicating a tile

I see the option to copy a tile which is great if you have many needed. If you create the tile you want but need 15 or 20 copies of it how do you change the device associated with it?

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Thanks for posting, @Scunny! Can you share some more details on what you are looking to accomplish by copying a tile 15 or 20 times. Are there particular configuration settings of the tile that you’re looking to copy between tiles?

We use Hubitat for a service we provide that uses 12 - 15 smart plugs and 20 - 25 contact sensors. The smart plugs are used to control heaters and fans while the contacts are used as temp sensors.

While playing around with a dashboard I created a tile for smart plugs using Hero attributes to have both a switch for on / off functions and power to display wattage being used. Also using colors to show state change on the switch attribute. The contact sensors are a basic icon showing the temp and battery level.

As once these tiles are built they and are all identical it would be easy to use the copy command to duplicate them but I see no way to change the device of each one.

+1 this will greatly improve usability of the dashboard editor! Currently, I spent 70 % of the time replicating settings between tiles, e.g. all light have the same settings (icon, colors, dimensions).


+1 for this feature. Would be great once you’ve customised a tile, you can then copy it to another ‘thing’ or device.

boy id love to be able to copy style settings between tiles! having the same style states across devices or tiles would save so much time. if i create a variable based tile and customize the states i have no way to make another copy to use for a different variable. 90% of my time is used to input 12 state dependant styles per tile… and i have 12 tiles that all the need the same settings. very very cumbersome.


Make sure to cast your votes on a relevant Feature Request as that’s what we use for tracking interest in enhancements.

The most direct feature request for Styles is probably the following:

Or the following requests which could end up being an alternative way of solving the same underlying challenge (the last one probably most closely aligns with @Scunny’s original request):

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