Mass edit / Bulk edit of tiles

I’d like the ability to be able to select multiple tiles and make a change that affects all of them. An example would be selecting all of my lights or fans and assigning them the same icon.

bulk editing of dimensions, styles, etc would also be great.

Dimensions would probably be pretty straight forward since they are standardized. Styles / Icons are a bit trickier since we moved away from generic default/active states to a more flexible state-mapped approach (eg. on/off, locked/unlocked).

It’s pretty straight forward when you want to copy from one light to another light, but what should happen when you attempt to copy from a light to a lock?

To help clarify, imagine your source was:

Bedroom Light:

  • Dimension:
    • Height: 1
    • Width: 2
  • Icons:
    • on: lamp
    • off: lamp
  • Styles:
    • on: lights-active
    • off: lights-default

What happens when you try to copy to a different tile type that doesn’t have the same state mappings?

Front Door

  • Dimension:
    • Height: 2
    • Width: 2
  • Icons:
    • locked: unset (eg. ‘locked’)
    • unlocked: unset (eg. ‘unlocked’
  • Styles:
    • locked: unset (eg. ‘active’)
    • unlocked: unset (eg. ‘default’)

My gut feeling is that if there aren’t matching state mappings, then that particular property wouldn’t get copied over (eg. icons and styles), but for something like the dimension it would successfully copy that property over (and overwrite the existing setting).

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