Calendar Agenda Time Period


Currently the calendar agenda tile only shows events from the upcoming 7 days.

I find this fairly limiting as I often want to be able to see further into the future, could we have a setting to configure how many days ahead we would like the calendar to show?

Alternatively a setting to say how many events we want to show irrelevant of time period.


I’d second this request. For some calendars, being able to filter further out (say 30 days) would be extremely helpful.

Use case: we have a dashboard in our baby son’s room including his calendar. What we’d like to be able to see is events coming up, for example medical appointments, so we can plan ahead.

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I would third this request. Monthly, weekly, and daily view options would be great to have.

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Fourth on request and more text is needed

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Any Update on the status of this?

I actually would like to show less days, not more days. Specially events for today only.

Upvoted this. The calendar feature is key to what I am trying to do with sharptools (a useful kitchen dashboard for my smart home AND my families day to day activities).

Being able to chose a few different display views would be great. Monthly (covering the entire dashboard), weekly (on 7x1 or 7x2 tiles). As far as I can see, currently the calendar view does not show days where there are no planned activities. I would like to have it so that all days are shown regardless if there is an activity or not. As a day without activities is also useful information.

Copying in one of the usecases that I would love to be able to do (7x1):

Currently I am running my google calendar via Styled Calendars, and that works fairly well but as I am not that well versed in HTML coding, I’ve spent a lot of time just getting the calendar in like this as a custom tile. I’m sure a dedicated integration would look much nicer :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to Josh and team!

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Just to clarify that this feature request is for the number of days displayed in the existing agenda view.

It does not include other things like different views. You’ll want to search to see if there’s an existing feature request that covers that or create your own if not.

The pinned Feature Requests FAQ and Guidelines thread includes details on how to use the feature requests category and is a good starting point.

Thanks Josh,

Yeah I work in the video games industry and I know how hard it can be to filter feature requests by importance :smiley: so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I did find one topic/feature request that was sort of in line with what I had in mind.

I think expanding on the calendar options will expand the use case for Sharptools in general to be honest. I understand that calendars are not something that might be at the top of the prio list when creating a smart home dashboard, but for people like me who need to dress my smart home hobby in a trojan horse where the family see the use case for having the dashboard front and center in the kitchen a visual appealing calendar helps with that for sure :slight_smile: that and grocery lists :smiley:

Anyway, thanks for all your help and the great work you guys do with the tool!