Update Calendar 'Nothing on the Agenda' Message

Currently events on the tile only are displayed for a week out from today and will show “Nothing on the agenda.” This is misleading as there may be events after the week, but there’s no way to display them.

Also be sure to cast a vote on the Calendar Agenda Time Period feature request as it would be nice to have the ability to change the display window from 7 days to 14, 28 or more days.

I would like the “Nothing on the agenda” message to say something about there only not being events in the next 7 days as it’s a bit misleading.

Thanks for submitting the feature request! Be sure to scroll up to the top and vote on your own feature request.


I originally started merging this in with the Calendar Agenda Time Period feature request. Instead, I’ve edited the topic title to reflect the request around the ‘Nothing on the agenda’ messaging and will add a note to the original post pointing to the existing thread about providing a longer display window for the calendar.