Wyze Cam Integration

@LOUIE_S, you can create a virtual switch in SmartThings, and use IFTTT to turn this virtual switch on when the Wyze Cam motion is detected. Add this virtual switch to the dashboard and customize its color to red when turned on. So you can see from distance that a motion is detected. However, to my best knowledge, Wyze doesn’t expose the motion “inactive” event, so you will need to create a rule to turn this virtual switch off after a period. See below for example.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks James. Will give it a try.

hi, I need some help please
I connected the wyze cam to tiny app, and i can see the streaming up there in the tiny app
BUT back to sharptools - nothing
i checked my IP in the wyze app and it is correct but no knowledge how to find the port - maybe I’m wrong there any way I cant see the cam in sharptools
help will be very appreciated

Hi @lior_zilber, you may be interested to check out the video made by @Justin_Newbury where he demoed the detailed steps how to add the Wyze cams from TinyCam to SharpTools dashboard. You can find the TinyCam web server port by going to Settings -> Web Server in TinyCam app.

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that’s the video I followed at the first place
but no success yet…
I can see the cam at tiny app but not at sharptools
another thing is that although i can see the preview of the cam at tiny the status stays as “not checked”
any ideas?

webserver on tiny cam enabled?

You can find some good troubleshooting steps in this post too:


Hi, thank you for the effort…
It works!!
followed again the steps from zero


If I get it right by this procedure i can actually connect any standard wifi door bell to integrate with ST and I don’t have to find the “best” or a special one, am I right?

Not necessary. Ring, for example, doesn’t provide 3rd party RTSP access, and therefore won’t be able to be connected to TinyCam, and SharpTools. And it’s hard to define the “best” one because everyone may have different needs

Here is the TinyCam supported camera list that you might be interested to double check before you purchase the camera.

I listed a question in a separate topic, buy maybe here it’s better…
can you recommend a fully integrated doorbell with sharptools ?

Hey Guys,

I have been following the instructions to get my Axis cameras on my Sharp Tools dashboard, but I am not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated. I have them streaming in TinyCam as well, but when I add the media into ST, it fails to load the stream. Probably missing pertinent information, so let me know what I can provide to get this figured out.



Hi @Jeff_Smith1 can you please describe your setup with some more details? What URL you used in the Media tile, and if you can open the video url in the browser directly to see the live stream? Are you using a username & password when accessing the video stream from TinyCan? Have you tried to remove the login requirement and test it if the issue is the credential related?

I cannot for the life of me get this to work. After watching several videos and tutorials the URL works just fine in a browser “” but will not work in sharptools. I’ve tried with and without credential, HTTP and HTTPS and using jpg/image
vs mjpg with no luck.

Any tops or suggestions would be appreciated

@Bryan_Secrest, welcome to the community. You may want to check out the mixed content workaround mentioned in the post below.

James it appears that it was an HTTP issue. I updated Tinycam to use SSL and it appears to be working like a champ. Thanks again for the assistance and looking forward to using Sharptools!


Is there a similar solution for iOS, since TinyCam isn’t supported?

Would love to get my Wyze cams onto my dashboard.

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Hi my friend, you can setup an android old no usable mobile as a TinyCam “server”, then you can add an hyperlink in your iOS dashboard … I hope this tip is useful for you, I will take this way soon…

Hey Carlos, I’ve run into performance issues trying to run my 6 Wyze cams on tinycam, what spec of device and how many cams can you run?

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Hi my friend, I have not set it yet, I just made a test with my daughter Android phone by 3 days, and seems work fine, some light and ocasional freezing, not to be worry about, the only issue is Tiny Cam app has to be open all the time, thats why a specific Android device has to be assigned as a server. I cannot guide you about the ridght specs but the device where I tested was a Huawei mobile Y6 2019, RAM 2 Gb. I think I will get a regular Android 2 Mb Ram… but I will use it only for 1-2 devices, maybe 6 cams could be too much ?, maybe you need to split them in 2 mini servers.