Which tablet mount

I’m getting ready to embark on some wall mounted tablets and wondering which is the best as far as fit and finish.

I see Simplysmart 123 uses MotifsEtc and many here use Makes By Mike. I read a somewhat older post describing having to sand the MBM product and paint to get a good finish.

What is the current state of 3D printing for these mounts as far as having a completed finish and ready to use?

Thanks in advance.

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Here’s a few links from another post:

The front of the Makes by Mike one is pretty smooth. Not sure how they’re achieving it, but it looks pretty good. You can see a bit of lines if you look close, but it’s not like some of the mounts I’ve seen on etsy which clearly look 3D printed.


Thanks for the input.

I saw the video that mentioned the motifs etc mount and the coupon mentioned, until I realized the video was a few months old lol. I almost bought one of the Fire 10 mounts :confused:

I just mounted one from Makes By Mike. I’m really happy with it. The front is very smooth. If you look very closely, you can tell it’s 3D printed but even at a distance that I normally stand to use the tablet it’s not noticeable. They’re also super friendly people and the in wall power supply is great.

Thanks to all, looks like Makes By Mike might be the way to go.

I use the LaunchPort system form iPort. It’s magnetically charged and is a simple pull to remove from the wall and use on the couch. They are however locked into the Apple ecosystem. image


Now you guys have me looking at new tablets in addition to mounts! :rofl:

It would be nice to be able to just pull the tablet off the wall in some parts of the house with one of those iPorts. For example, the media room. And these smarthomemount.com Galaxy Tab A mounts look super sleek!

Beetronics Touch Metal screen with USB Celeron Stick. Mounts flush or like I did here off the wall. Gotta make a significant hole in the wall to put the backside in, but for me it works. I can Teamviewer into all my panels and control them from my desk.

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Looking at the Makes By Mike flush mount it comes standard with the camera open, and if applicable, the light sensor closed. Using a Fire 10 would I want the light sensor to be open?

I guess I never really noticed the light sensor was closed on my mounts. Hasn’t really been an issue for me as I tend to have the screen dimmed down when no one is in front of them and dimmed up when someone is in front of them… using the wake on motion feature with the front-facing camera in Fully.

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Sorry for dusting off an old thread. I was finally motivated to remove an old security system keypad and then cover up the unpainted area that was dotted with screw holes. There is a chance that we could be moving soon, so I just wanted something simple that blended in a bit.

This was intended to be a prototype, so it is just some Baltic Birch plywood. It is amazing how a bit of paint can make sloppy work with a router look almost charming. The next homeowners can use it to hold mail or whatever suits their fancy.

I apologize for the bad lighting. As you can see from the screen, it is early morning and I was trying to minimize glare.


Beautiful! I love the clean and simple design!

You should consider sharing it over in the Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards! thread too!