What tablet/device are you using for dashboards?

I dont think it should matter. Probably only if you are downloading Prime Apps. Once you have Play Store installed, you can get all the ST related apps there.


Hey James I had a quick question for you. I am a new user here and ive read a few forum posts but cant seem to find what Im looking for and noticed you have the HD 10 as well.

If you are editing it in Chrome developer mode or Firefox responsive mode how are you getting the 1900x1200 to scale correctly? Mine is continually off by a good margin.

Thanks ahead of time.

Hi @Dave, you can edit the emulated device resolution to the specific size. See below for my Fire HD 10" setting in Chrome, and the resolution should be 1920 x 1200.


Thanks @James that’s what I am doing but for whatever reason, it offsets pretty bad on the tablet. I may try it from another machine, I have a massive monitor and while it shouldn’t have any effect on the settings since we are manually configuring it, we have all seen crazier things.

Thanks again.

Great panel !.. what wall mount case are you using ? Looks nice, and wire is hidden. Thanks.

The mount was made by a guy named Bob Strenger who was a popular source for 3D printed mounts a few years back.

Today, you can find mounts at:


I believe I also set my Fully Kiosk browser’s initial scale to 90% and disabled the “Use Wide Viewport”. ( I don’t have my HD10 in the office, and I can check it later when I am back to home.)

Thanks - I was using my kids HD 10, my one is on the way, but what I might do is just load a custom NOX (emulator) at 1900 x 1200 and edit it that way.

Could be a good Idea instead of using a brower.

Thanks to all for the above great information. I’m deciding between the Fire 8 or Fire 10. My questions are,

is there any noticeable differences in the display quality between the 2,
is the additional gig a ram on the 8 plus of any value over the 8 or 10,
is the jump to 64 GB of any value

Thanks in advance for any input.

I liked my 7th gen 10" tablet as the wall mounted dashboard simply because of the size, and the performance was better than the 8" one at that time as well. (I haven’t compared the performance between the newer 10" and 8" plus yet.) If your main goal is just for the dashboard then the storage size doesn’t matter much.

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Is that an old Iris WiFi smart plug I see on the lower left side of your desk?

My wife got some of the Fire HD 8+ for our kids. I ‘borrowed’ them to play around with SharpTools on them and they seemed to work well. Much more performant than the older Fire HD 8 devices - still not the fastest devices, but an excellent bang for the buck.

I don’t know if the extra gig of RAM is really necessary for dashboards, but the wireless charging dock is nice and would make for a nice countertop display.


Hey guys, I just ordered a Fire 10 and wikibuy found me one on Ebay for 129.99 delivered saving me about 30 over Amazon. Seller has very high rating and product is new in sealed packaging.


Is your Fire HD 10 Laggy at all when you switch to different dashboards?

My tablet doesn’t navigate as fast a my laptop, but not laggy much to bother me. It would take a second to complete the transition on my tablet, where it is almost instant on my laptop. If you experienced some dashboard performance issue, the first thing you should check is if you have lots of the 1x1 space tile, and merge multiple 1x1 space tiles into less but larger tiles wherever possible to reduce the total number of tiles in the dahsboard.

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Yes. It is laggy on every panel. Mine is 7th gen HD 10. I am actually searching for the beat option that is not an iPad. I can’t bring myself to paying for an iPad just to hang it on a wall…


By any chance have you tried sharp tools on various tablets, including the iPad? The iPad is lightning fast. I want a tablet that is nearly as smooth. The fired HD 10 was adequate two years ago, but it is way too slow today. I believe it is 100% RAM related, but I don’t have any tools to verify the memory consumption of the JavaScript / CSS. I am of the opinion that the JavaScript library being used simply consumes more memory than the browsers on the HD 10 are capable of supporting.
If you have used other options and know of any tablets that are at least twice as fast, if not faster, than the HD10, I would appreciate learning which.


Yes, we test against a variety of devices including a range of models and generations tablets. Fire tablets tend to be popular devices due to the price point, so we do test against a variety of models and generations. As you noted, some of the more premium devices like iPads and modern Samsung Galaxy tabs tend to be much more performant, but at a higher price point.

Unfortunately it’s not a simple recommendation as to the ‘best’ device. Another thing to note is that it’s not always as simple as device specifications alone - Amazon tends to update the OS of their newer generation devices. These OS updates often come with improvements to the browser and built-in webview which bring with them optimizations to how they handle modern webapps like SharpTools.

I’d also note that we are actively looking at improving the performance of transitions between dashboards. Nothing to announce at the moment, but it’s on our radar. :slight_smile:

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I’m using both Fire tables. One is a Fire 7 and the other is a Fire 10. I’d have to say that the 7 is slower then the 10, but the hardware is vastly different between them both so that is understandable. I did notice one thing that was equally slow between them was if you have a hyper link to open Dakboard and then go back to sharptools its takes a while to reload the sharptools page. I’m not sure if that is due to something internal [network speed or WAN speed]

Has anyone tried using the Dixieland 10" tablet from Best Buy?