What tablet/device are you using for dashboards?

Yep, I have old 22 here too, I am thinking to do the same, buy a Pi and set up to see all the status.


Hi @josh, I am working on PI + Chromium in Kiosk Mode, in a config file I need to add a URL for my Dashboard, so when the page open ask for a login, so I does not have a keyboard/mouse connect to my PI, all the setup is done by SSH, so do you this is possible to add a login information on a URL?

Thank you

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An interactive login is required. Sessions are long lasting though so once you login on the device, you shouldn’t need to login again (unless there are changes to your account like a password reset that cause other sessions to get logged out).


Hi all, I set up a Pi Zero W to works as Dashboard in mine office.

  • Pi Zero W
  • Power Supply 2.5A
  • MicroSD Card 32
  • USB OTG cable
  • USB Hub - only for initial setup
  • Mouse - only for initial setup
  • Keyboard - only for initial setup
  • MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter
  • HDMI to VGA adapter
  • 20.1inch 1600x1200 Lenovo/IBM Monitor

After tried many version of OS, the DietPi is my recommendation for Pi Zero W
Power On taking 4:15 minutes to have Dashboard ready on screen.
I still work on some issues
this screen below appear always when I power on and still for around 1 minute

After I have Dashboard ready to go

here my mess

So I think the Pi Zero W is not powerful if you want show cameras, for tiles work well, I will make a test with PI 3+.


I´m plannig to do the same. Using a RPI 3 and a old 22" monitor.
Nice job!

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I moved to RPI 3B+, boot now took less than one minute.

EDIT: Need to have a fan over the CPU, mine start to warning “high” temperature, after a added a fan working well.

I am still working on some adjusts on hardware/software.


So I finally took the leap and got a 2019 fire hd 10 since that seems to be the tablet of choice for sharptool users. I have always been an Android or Samsung tab user before this, any recommendation to side install the Play store? Can we get everything we want (ifttt, ring, tasker, ST) natively from Amazon app store?

Thank you in advance!

@Dev_SS, congrats on your new tablet. I would not recommend side loading the Google Service as it drags the performance down over time as many have observed. I’d recommend Fully Kiosk as the kiosk browser for loading the dashboard and you can download the Fire OS version from the link below.

@josh has summarized some common Fully settings that you may be interested.

Ring does have Fire OS version, and you can even use Rule Engine to load ring app or different dashboard pages using the Fully Kiosk DTH when a certain event occurs. See the post below for example.

If you can share the use cases for the other apps, we may be able to come up more specific solutions.

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Thanks! I was actually already using FK on my Samsung, so just need to use the new load commands for Fire. Thank you!

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This has turned out to be better than a Raspberry PI for me. PC Stick Mini PC Intel Celeron N4000 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088TPK7RQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I have a great 13.3 Touchscreen for it, but need one that has a VESA mount on it. I’d like to get this recessed into the wall. Then using Teamviewer I can control all my panels remotely.

If anyone knows a good 14" Touchscreen with VESA mount holes lmk

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I’ve put a little Fire 7 next to a 1st generation Echo, dedicated to album art for the Echo. Almost updates it to an Echo Show! I initially used a Fire HD8, but the Fire 7 takes up a little less room and does a nice job.

I bought the Fire 7 a couple of years ago on Prime Day for less than $30.


I bought my first fire tablet to use with sharptools dashboard. What do you guys do as far as logging in to the Amazon app store, secondary email account or your main Amazon one? I’m having second thoughts about using my main one that can buy stuff lol.

Edit: sideloading apps for now

I dont think it should matter. Probably only if you are downloading Prime Apps. Once you have Play Store installed, you can get all the ST related apps there.


Hey James I had a quick question for you. I am a new user here and ive read a few forum posts but cant seem to find what Im looking for and noticed you have the HD 10 as well.

If you are editing it in Chrome developer mode or Firefox responsive mode how are you getting the 1900x1200 to scale correctly? Mine is continually off by a good margin.

Thanks ahead of time.

Hi @Dave, you can edit the emulated device resolution to the specific size. See below for my Fire HD 10" setting in Chrome, and the resolution should be 1920 x 1200.


Thanks @James that’s what I am doing but for whatever reason, it offsets pretty bad on the tablet. I may try it from another machine, I have a massive monitor and while it shouldn’t have any effect on the settings since we are manually configuring it, we have all seen crazier things.

Thanks again.

Great panel !.. what wall mount case are you using ? Looks nice, and wire is hidden. Thanks.

The mount was made by a guy named Bob Strenger who was a popular source for 3D printed mounts a few years back.

Today, you can find mounts at:


I believe I also set my Fully Kiosk browser’s initial scale to 90% and disabled the “Use Wide Viewport”. ( I don’t have my HD10 in the office, and I can check it later when I am back to home.)

Thanks - I was using my kids HD 10, my one is on the way, but what I might do is just load a custom NOX (emulator) at 1900 x 1200 and edit it that way.

Could be a good Idea instead of using a brower.