What tablet/device are you using for dashboards?

Hi, could you please share what kind device and size do you have?

I have an old Insignia NS-P10A7100 10.1 Android as my main device, but this is not a good device to many issues.

So I have a retired Eee Slate EP121 12.1" Windows 7

I do not know if is good to use as Dashboard, I am looking for a recommendation, I have my home automation devices and 6 cameras to show on my Dashboard.

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The most popular devices seem to be the Amazon Fire tablets, Apple iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab series of tablets.

Personally, I use Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 devices for my dedicated tablets along with Fully Kiosk Browser which has some nice features for motion detection, screensavers, etc.

Side note: From my experience, the Fire HD 7 tends to be underpowered, so I would stick with at least a Fire HD 8 if you go with an Amazon device. The bigger devices tend to have better specs and are more powerful.

Here’s a few photos of my old setup (nearly a year ago - I need to snap some new photos!):

And I use SharpTools dashboards on my Pixel 2 XL phone using the Add To Homescreen approach.

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I use both Fire 10" and 8". Have the 10" one mounted on the wall, and is used as a primary dashboard by the family. (My 6 yr old kid puts a stool around so he can mess with it. :rofl:)
Have the 8" one in the office, and am thinking getting another 10" one so I can mount it in the kitchen.

I agreed that the 10" one works better for me for the size and performance, and is probably the most cost efficient tablet with good quality overall. I had the 10" one mounted and running 24/7 for 1.5 years without any issue.

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“I had the 10” one mounted and running 24/7 for 1.5 years without any issue."

I came to the site today to ask a question related to this.

The dashboard I would like to keep alive 24/7 is an iPad mini on our bedroom dresser. I’m having no luck in having it display a dashboard for more than a day or two before it “drops out” of the app. I’ve tried every browser that I can find - and they all end up doing the same thing. The browser I like best is “Kiosk mode for iPad” because it allows the app to occupy the entire screen. Dolphin is second choice, but it places small icons in both of the top corners. I’ve used the browsers both with and without the iPad’s “guided access” feature.

Being very up-in-years, I had hoped that the dashboards would survive me and prove useful for the household after I’m gone, but it doesn’t look possible. My wife just won’t try to keep it going.

Any ideas on what’s causing this situation - and what can be done to ameliorate it?

Interesting, I will look into this and let you know what I can find.

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