Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

Andy - love your layout. Can I ask how you created your up and down volume controls? I also have Sonos with Hubitat.

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My guess would be through rules. You can create a rule in the SharpTools Rule Engine with any command you want and then add that rule to your dashboard. This is a great way to expose custom commands:

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This is my mobile dashboard, but I’m still adding new fetures and devices :wink:


Nice - I like the clean look! It looks like the Tile Spacing size is slightly smaller than normal which looks really good on mobile!

What is the tile just above the refresh/sync looking icon? It looks like a clock, but the format seems unique.

Thanks Josh. The tile you asking it’s simple Hero tile showing device atribute, last refresh time.


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Here’s my main Dashboard, the Weather is from an embedded page using the Meteogram API generator that refreshes from the data source every two hours.


@Simon_Williams the temperature trends graphic is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

I just updated my kitchen dashboard from an Amazon 8" 2017 to the current 10". What a difference! Got to love black Friday deals. I am using Fully Kiosk to display the SharpTools dashboard.

I took the opportunity to try and improve my dashboard a bit. I am using Echo Speaks to get the album art from Amazon as well as the rules to start specific playlists. The one thing there I am trying to find is if you can use a multi room group for this instead of an individual echo.

The Shopping list brings up a web link in Modal to Tooist to show our Amazon shopping list. Hulu was just added since the tablet is actual powerful enough to use for things like that now.

Still learning and this forum is great for learning new ideas!


@Laura_Meier, nice dashboard, thanks for sharing and I like the bright yellow tiles on that background. I don’t have another echo with me to test at this moment, but based on the Echo Speaks document, you can add the music(audio) group in the search music command.
ex: searchAmazonMusic("thriller on the upstairs") where the ‘upstairs’ should be the multi-room music group. Let me know if this works. :wink:

Update: @Laura_Meier I was able to test out the command and play music to multiple echo devices in my rule. See this post for the detailed instructions.

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Thanks James. I gave this a quick try and it works, but it seems to break the link between my album art tiles. Was short on time, tonight I will read that full thread to see if I missed something.

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After several weeks of effort, I am very pleased with my 3 SharpTools wall panels (Kitchen, Office, Master). I went for the “match the room color” aesthetic. Josh has done a great job with the app. I am a recent Wink convert and came to SharpTools after following Josh’s Wink Relay efforts. These are a HUGE upgrade, filling the holes in the walls left by the Relays.

  • SmartThings (Aeotec, GE, Leviton, GoControl, Cree, Echo, Osram…)
  • SmartApps/Device Handlers – Aeotec Multi 6 Handler, RBoy (Lock Management & Garage Open/Close), King of Fans, Echo Speaks, Webcore
  • Fire HD 8 Tablets
  • Fully Kiosk, theweather widget…
  • TinyCam/Wyze Cams/Nvidia Shield (host)
  • MakesByMikeStore (Etsy) Wall Mounts with 120V AC to 5V converter


They look great, Jeff! I love the matching of the background to the wall!

Thanks for sharing the details of your setup too - it’s always helpful to know which mounts, weather sources, etc. went into the final solution!

Now I’ve gotta convince my wife to let me paint the walls to match our dashboards. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got around to putting in an outlet and mounting my Fire 8 HD tablet, a year after purchasing the mount from Etsy.

Nothing special. Had a BeeLink android box lying around unused, which ended up being a perfect webserver for Tinycam pro (using my fire hd 8 tablet I could only run 2 cameras at any time without it freezing, this lets me run all 7).

Can’t seem to get my Ring automateit integration to work though. When the doorbell rings, it simply goes to the Ring app, but the camera screen doesn’t show up (presumably because you have to click on the Ring notification to have it go into the app and then automatically show the video, Automate it simply loads the Ring app). Need to see if there’s a workaround for that somewhere.


How did you get the rooms different on each device as the prime dashboard? I presume you just pick The dashboard you on each unit And leave them that way.


I created 3 dashboards. Each has it’s own URL. It is a good thing to have tiles that are specific to the room/home location for each panel. The “copy” feature is useful to create the same function across dashboards,


What do you mean by Unifi Status Page… i.e the main dashboard of unifi or something else?

Yes, the main dashboard of unifi so I can quickly see the status of all my AP’s

Could you post how that looks?

also is that just a URL to the Unifi Dashboard or are you utilizing API?