Weather Tile - Open Weather - Current and Forecast

I would have thought that would be new enough. It’s equivalent to Android 9, but it’s likely the WebView is a bit outdated as Amazon uses their own version of it. I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out which APIs the device doesn’t support and see if I can work around them.

If it helps, Fully reports the Webview version is 70.0.3538.110

Your help is appreciated!

Interesting. My Fire HD 8 Plus (10th gen) is running Fire OS with a much newer Webview version at 96.4664.92.25 and it shows the custom tile fine.

Either way, I updated the custom tile to remove a bunch of modern JavaScript features and replace them with older approaches that are more compatible with older browsers. You should be able to update your Custom Tile using the steps above and try it again.

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Working perfectly now - thanks for the top notch support!

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Tip: If you want to remove the gradient and use your own defined tile style, just comment out the stylesheet line as indicated by the code comments:

It will result in a tile like this (showing my custom style):


Another tip… for those of you using Kiosker of iPad (probably the most equivalent to Fully Kiosk Browser in Android), not only you should add “” as an allowed domain, you should also add the “” domain in the Kiosker settings as the custom tiles (like this open weather custom tile) run on a separate space.

I was not able to see the weather tile while running Kiosker, but was with Safari. @josh pointed this out to me and once I added that second domain, worked like a champ.


I find it a bit strange that Webview doesn’t update automatically on the Fire tablets when available. I have three Fire HD10’s. One of the two 9th generation was on Webview version 96 while the other and an 11th generation were on Webview version 98. Regardless of the Fire OS version updating and all updates being installed, Webview seems to remain at the version it was when purchased. It can be upgraded manually but it’s a faff on finding the correct file.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy View tablet running my current dashboard. Would love to use this custom Icon but it is running Android 5.1.1 and won’t upgrade. Any way I can make this work on that version?

What browser are you using?

Chrome…should I try something else?

I would have thought that Chrome could be updated to a new enough version. What version of Chrome is it? You could also try Firefox.

I’ll also try things out on an Android 5.1.1 device. I suspect there’s a few more things I could port over for older browsers.

Chrome is 43.0.2357.93 And Java is V84.3.61.22

Will try firefox

It works in Firefox. Now I just need to test everything else. Thanks for quick assist.

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I pushed some changes to the tile which make it compatible with even older browsers than before. I tested on Android 4.4 and that’s a really old OS at this point (~10 years old!).

For anyone who has a device that old, I would strongly recommend loading a modern version of Chrome or Firefox as you’ll get better performance out of the device… and at 10+ years old, I would consider a new device as that’s getting pretty ancient for a tablet. :slight_smile:

Initially, I would like to thank @josh for his help and support.

Sorry for my broken English, Google translator is not always perfect.

I had the problem described above and I did the following 2 steps

  1. At Pricing - OpenWeatherMap I activated API 3.0, from the information provided, the first 1000 inquiries a day are free, when activating API 3.0 you need to enter your credit card number and you can set a limit for inquiries, I set it to be sure 100.

  2. The second step is to enter Developer Tools in SharpTools
    and edit the code

we find line 97
var BASE_URL = ‘

and change to
var BASE_URL = ‘

save, enter the rest of the data in the Dashboard in the tile as described above and it works :slight_smile:


@josh Maybe you add the option to choose API 2.5 and 3.0 in the tile settings, new users will work on 3.0 and the problem will not be :slight_smile:


Have the same issue, checked the URL it actually works, what else could be the problem?

Which URL did you check?

The one that openweather gave me. The API works. It also looks similar to what the tile constructs


I would need to know the exact URL you tested to help troubleshoot.

The issue is that new Open Weather accounts don’t have access to the OneCall API by default. Previously, new accounts could access the OneCall 1.0 (2.5) API endpoints automatically.

Some time recently, new Open Weather accounts don’t have access to the OneCall 1.0 endpoints at all, but they can get access to the OneCall 3.0 endpoints if they follow the steps Damian laid out.

This does not impact other endpoints like forecast and weather since those are available by default on the free tier, but we ended up not using them in this tile since since they don’t aggregate forecasts daily and instead provide them on an every 3 hour basis.

This is the API test I did

and it works, meaning the account is active, it looks like you are assembling the similar URL in the tile