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We’re not using the /weather endpoint. See my reply above for details – we started down that path, but the /forecast endpoint only provides data on an ‘every 3 hours’ basis which isn’t ideal for a daily forecast.

As such, we’re using the ‘OneCall’ API at /onecall. The implications of this are explained in my previous post.

If you’re a developer and want to try to adjust the tile for your preference to use the /forecast endpoint and then somehow aggregate the data into a daily format, I would welcome a contribution. Alternatively, you can follow the steps Damian outlined to enable the 3.0 OneCall API on your OpenWeather account and update the tile accordingly.

ic, i thought i saw weather in the code -:), maybe was dreaming…

The stubbed version of it is in the code along with comments indicating that we simplified to the OneCall APIs for the aforementioned reasons.

I suspect that if someone could come up with some logic to aggregate the 3-hour forecast into daily forecasts, the /weather and /forecast APIs could be used directly.

the weather is free, the 3.0 looks like a paid one.

Sort of. The /weather endpoint only includes the current day’s weather. It has to be combined with the /forecast endpoint which only provides ‘every 3 hour’ data. When we built the tile, the OneCall 1.0 (/2.5) API was available for free and included daily forecasts.

Sometime recently, they’ve made it so new OpenWeather accounts can only access the OneCall 3.0 API and only if you add a credit card to your account. You get 1000 calls per day to the OneCall 3.0 API at no charge and can restrict your account so it can only use up to 1000 calls per day, effectively making it free.

I understand the hesitation of adding a credit card though, so if someone has the developer skills and wants to come up with some logic to aggregate the ‘every 3 hour’ data into daily forecasts, I would welcome the contribution.

Response from Open Weather team (tap to view)

For all new free and startup users, One Call 1.0 is no longer available, it has been replaced by One Call 3.0, which is an updated version of One Call 1.0, we recommend that all users switch to it.

To use One Call 3.0, you must subscribe to it. One Call 3.0 is a free product, you will get 1000 calls per day for free, but if you exceed this amount of calls, you will be charged, but you can set limits.

To subscribe for one call 3.0, please use this link -

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Just want to make sure I’m following this thread correctly. as I’ve installed and am not getting any data on my tile…

Is the net of this, to make the “2.5” → “3.0” code change (and provide the credit card for One Call 3.0 upgrade & set limits to “< 1000 calls” so card isn’t charged)? And then it should refresh with forecast data?

Thanks so much!

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Yes! That sounds like the summary of it!

And if anyone is a developer and wants to take a stab at using the /forecast endpoint and aggregating the data into a daily format, I would welcome it! That would probably make things easier for everyone else!

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This is great !..since Sharptools migration, Weather DTH is not working anymore :confounded:, but now Open Weather Custom Tile is doing great…

Also, based on HTML code I did a simple tile for my mobile dashboard…(test and fail method)

But I would like to go forward…but my very poor skills in HTML make me not the right person, I understand code logic, but I do not get HTML logic and commands at all…so anyone can helps me and play with these designs?..I can invite to him/her any beers as you ask !! :grin: :beers: or guide me with some tips about how to try them at least…




Is there a way to pull weather alerts / statements via OpenWeather? e.g. - “Tornado Warning”, “Snow Flurries”, “Severe Thunderstorm Watch”, etc

In theory, this custom tile could be edited to display any data from Open Weather. If you decide to take a stab at it, feel free to share your changes here so other community members can benefit from it.

Alternatively, some community members have been doing this with the HTTP Action in SharpTools rules so they can grab specific things from Open Weather and store them in variables either for display on their dashboards or for use within rules:


I’d like to adjust the openweather custom tile in the first post but am having some trouble with the html code. Would anyone be willing to provide some guidance?

I want the Right image to look like the left image.

I can get the entire value to move but cannot seem to isolate moving the icon left and down

I’ve just pushed an update to better support the new and old Open Weather API keys.

This introduces a new ‘API Preference’ option which allows you to choose from:


  • 2-5multi - the new default as it’s the most compatible with old and new API keys
  • 2-5onecall - if you have an old OpenWeather API key, this gets you 2 more days of forecast
  • 3-0onecall - if you’ve explicitly subscribed to the ‘One Call by Call’ subscription plan in Open Weather, this gets you 2 more days of forecast

You can use the steps here to update to the latest code to get the new API Preference option.

There’s also a significant difference in the current day’s High/Low value between multi and onecall API preferences. For the onecall API, it’s the low and high for the day… whereas with the multi it’s the regional high/low for that point in time. I’m tempted to drop the H/L value from the current day when not using the ‘OneCall’ endpoint as I think the indicator could be confusing – thoughts?

If today’s high/low value is significant to you, feel free to sign up for the OneCall subscription and use that it includes a ‘daily’ forecast value which is otherwise unavailable on the free tier.

OneCall API top, Multi API bottom

Another minor difference is the forecast icons - since the multi API Preference aggregates data from the ‘every 3 hour’ forecast, it picks the icon that occurs most often in the 3 hour forecasts for that day. I’m open to suggestions for alternative logic if someone has a better idea. :slight_smile:


As a OneCall 3.0 user, thank you! This is a terrific update. It’s much more complete, as well as more accurate.

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Set this up the other day and its working great. I have it on a 2x2 tile and have realized that the future days forecast is too small on my tablet and would prefer to just see the current temp in large font, the day’s forecasted high/low, rain % and wind speed on a 2x2 tile so that the current temp could be seen from 4’ to 6’ away on my 7" tablet and the other details visible as walking out the door to know if we need to grab a coat for the day or an umbrella. Simlar sizing to the 2x2 date/time tile. Would also prefer it to follow my dashboard theme for a cohesive design. Does anyone have the code for this already? I tried looking at the code for this tile and immediately knew it was gonna be an excessive number of manhours for me fumbling through trying to modify it.

This is great. Works well.

Just out of curiosity, do we know what the “2” in a mustard color box next to “Feels Like” Means?

It’s air quality index.

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Yes, it’s AQI. And the Air Quality Index only shows up if you check the box for it in the tile’s settings, so you can uncheck it if you don’t want to

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Doh! Thanks. Had that turned on. Now that I know what it is, I will keepit.

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