Help Please with Weather Tile

Could someone please point me to step by step direction on getting a weather forecast on one of pages ?

I see lots of examples of people having great weather tiles but am really struggling with getting one to work. Doesn’t seem like it should this hard, but it is.

Thank you

Hi @_Terry_OReilly take a look at the weather related help article and let me know if that helps:

I can’t seem to get the style of the 6-day custom weather tile to take hold when trying to change the tile color - which is solid blue (top). It very briefly flashed the new color chosen when saved, but then always defaults back to the solid blue bkgnd after every time I try to change the tile color. I didn’t have any trouble changing the tile style when creating this other weather tile (bottom) - shouldn’t that hold true with any type of Custom tile?
I’m using OpenWeather Driver for Hubitat, API 3.0

For the Custom Weather tile on the top, the linked thread has some discussion on how to remove the default indigo gradient style:

Not necessarily. Custom Tiles can choose not to set a background color at all, in which case the underlying tile shines through. But many Custom Tiles control the complete style of the tile including the background color.

I got the tile working but it does not update with changing dashboards. Is there a way to get the tile to update at a certain time interval?

Which weather tile did you end up using? If it’s the custom tile, shown in the top picture of Mark’s reply, it should automatically refresh every three hours.

If it’s an image used in a Media Tile, you would need to check the box for ‘Enable Autorefresh’ and adjust the refresh interval:


If it’s a weather “Thing” from a supported platform, those usually automatically refresh periodically, though sometimes you have to explicitly set a schedule.

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What did you use to create the bottom weather tile?

I believe it was this code available on GitHub

Import URL: