Tile Grouping by function or location

Would like to be able to group tiles so they hold position relative to each other. For example, all the controls for a room could be under a heading like Bedroom or Yard Lights or all the locks for the house could be grouped so their status could be easily identified.

My suspicion is that the new Scalable Dashboards feature, which is currently in beta, would help with the need to keep tiles relative to each other.

I’ll send you a PM granting you access to the beta program so you can give it a try…

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I have looked at this and it looks like a nice addition, but it is not really getting at what I want. I would like to be able to define a block (<div>) that contains tiles related to a specific location or function with a changeable background color and appropriate header.

Sounds similar to this

Thanks for the reply. Can you share some more details on the use case? It’s still not clear to me exactly what you’re looking for and perhaps more importantly what functional problem you’re looking to solve.