Lock Tiles In Place - Prevent Movement

Okay, here goes!

I would like to propose a feature that is selectable in the “TILE EDITOR” where an individual tile can be “LOCKED” in place. If other tiles are not locked, they could presuambly move around the locked tile. I’m envisioning a Dashboard to look something like the skeleton in my example below, wherein the tiles are assigned a number, (like cells in an Excel Sheet).

Upon editing the tile in the “TILE EDITOR”, a new selection could be checked if that tile should be assigned a place on the Dashboard. (Also see below)

This may not be as important on smaller Dashboards, but larger Dashboards can be rather troublesome when the tiles move around unexpectedly. So if a particular tile is locked in “PLACE” “12”, that’s where it stays even if other tiles move around it.

This example shows my Dashboard next to what I envision its skeleton to look like:
It has arrows showng where I would like a “LOCKED” tile to be:
I think this would even be valuable for Spacer tiles:

Below is how I envision editing the tile to be "LOCKED:

Thinking this would be a nice little stocking stuffer @josh @James :smiley:

I am on board with something like this or similar idea of grouping to help lock positions relative to other tiles. Should this be merged with other feature requests such as (Tile Grouping by function or location)?

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I thought about that as well. The other 2 are similar, but not the same…

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As I’m newer to using sharptools, having an ability to lock or anchor tiles together or to a specific location would be beneficial.
Even if there was an option to generate a group box where multiple custom tiles or super tiles could be placed so that they do not move when rearranging each separate tile.

I’m working on groupings by room, for lights, switches, smart vents. Every time I arrange for one room, the tiles shift if I don’t have spacer tiles as holding slots for future custom tiles.