Tile Grouping, How?

Is there a way to group a set of tiles with a gap around them. Like temperatures, Doors, etc… But not a gap that’s a full 1x tile size.
The only way I cant think to achieve this is not available. That would be to allow Spacer and Label tiles to have Height and Width sizes <1x. Like 0.1x, 0.2x, 0.3x… But that would jack up the scalable rows feature (in Beta now). Unless Scalable rows just ignored anything <1x and added it. For instance if you set your scalable rows to 9, but had a spacer tile that had a Width of 0.2x, Then you dash would just scale to 9.2 columns or 9 + the extra 0.2 spacer.
Is there another way?

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May be if you define tile size b.e. 5 and make regular tiles 2x2 or 4x4, etc, and between them use single tiles…

Yeah, I messed around with that. Made a test dashboard, opened every tile and made it a 4x4. Then switched configuration to Reflow tile Width mode and reduced the size to <60px. Then added some 1x1 spacer tiles. Its a pain to do and a bit of a chess game to get them all placed. To much work so I stopped messing with it. It wont work this way with the new Scalable row width dashboard (in beta now) . Things would be better if you could “Lock” the placement spacer and label tiles.


Maybe play around with the tiles over a “grid canvas”, to display them by matching them to the grid, the grid could be set defining space size between grid dots …