Templates for Color / Icon States

When setting up the color states for a Temperature Sensor tile, if you want to use the same color states on multiple tiles you have to manually configure each tile with the same set of states and color selections which is time consuming.

This same concept applies to icons for some tile types as well - for example, some community members have setup Hero Attribute Tiles with icons mapped to a variety of states.

:information_source: Internally this feature is called “State Mapping”

It would be great if there was some way to create a ‘template’ for the color states so you could reuse the configuration across multiple tiles.

Sourced from support tickets as well as the following posts:

This would really help setup great looking Dashboards quickly.

ie load in all 30+ temp sensors - apply a Temperature Template that Heat maps each Temp Sensor en masse

Then all the user has to do is change the tile title - if necessary and re-org into rooms/zones

Create custom ones for Outdoors/Freezers/fridges etc


At a glance the status of the house can be seen.

Thanks for the feedback, Mike. Make sure to scroll up to the top of the post and click ‘Vote’ too! :slight_smile:

Edit: I would also note that this request is for ‘templates’ for the color states… there’s also a feature request for mass editing of tiles that you might be interested in casting a Vote on (especially once these templates are available): Mass edit / Bulk edit of tiles

I use 12 different states with colour changes for my temperature tiles. I have quite a few of these and it would be really great if I could export/import the temperature state styles rather than have to manually set them up for every device.

Hi @xap - I’ve merged your post in with an existing feature request. Feel free to scroll up to the top and cast a vote:


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Hope this is still on the radar…

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