Icons and Colors based on States + Window Shades

Josh - everything is working fine. any chance you will go back and add more icons to reflect the status states?

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I’m loving these icon and color state change enhancements too!

Specific request: open outdoor gate. Currently there are only closed gate icons…



Do you have any specific icon requests?


How about these? Also any plans to add fans to the list of devices that can have the icon state modified?

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Would it be possible to create a somekind of a template for color states that can be then used with hall temperature tiles? It would be then easier to do “bulk” edit for temperature colors and ranges, now I need to modify every temperature tile separately.

Can you help me better understand the use-case here? If the device has implemented a proper Fan Speed / Fan Control capability, then you’ll get the special Fan Tile in which the icon can spin based on the speed of the fan.

:link: Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, Label Tiles, and More!

I believe this is similar to what @Assaf_Lev had requested via PM. I’m certainly open to the idea of improving the usability of the Color State mapping and I can see how having a template would be helpful.

I was thinking something more along the lines of a template that could be used to initialize the values in your tile configuration. Once the tile is configured though, it would have its own configuration and no longer linked back to the main template. You could always edit the template and then reinitialize each tile as needed though.

I’ll need to think through the concept of being able to keep the configuration linked back to the template. There’s certainly some pros to being able to edit a single template and it just applies to a variety of tiles, but I can also see some complexities with it as well.

I’m thinking it might make sense to get the Color State support for Hero Attribute tiles released first as I have a feeling there will be more requests for template like features at that point and we can better understand the needs. :smiley:

Initialization idea would also work well, I think. It is currently tough job to update all color states if you have multiple sensors.

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My bad on the fan. Was using the wrong virtual driver in Hubitat! Fixed that and it works fine!!

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Hi Josh, tried to use the Temperature Sensor tile to map a 3 states switch (CAR ALARM: OFF, ON, TRIGGED)…

  1. Is there any other option than the Temperature Sensor?
  2. If Temperatire Sensor Tile is used, the icon seems to be forced to the Thermometer.

Maybe I also found a kinda bug when you try to use the == statement (having 3 states I tried to set temperature at 1,2,3 and I didnt work)


Hi @Daniele_Vigna, welcome to the community!

Can you please post the link to the 3-state switch’s DTH, so we can take a look? Thanks.

Sorry James, im a newbie, whats DTH stands for?

You can customize the icon in the Tile Settings. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll take a look at what it would take to loosen the equality comparisons. They’re currently a strict comparison, so we may need to loosen this a bit.

DTH = Device Type Handler, a custom device definition in SmartThings. Equivalent to a ‘Driver’ in the Hubitat ecosystem.

Edit: I would also note that it’s on our hitlist to bring this type of State Mapping / Color Configuration functionality to the Hero Attribute tile layout as well.

ok, got it… as I see from Josh I tried using the Thermo Sensor (Simulated Temperature Sensor)

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I’m glad there is an icon for blinds. I recently installed the IKEA smart blinds and have them set up as a device in SmartThings. When I try and add it to Sharp Tools it doesn’t show up. I went to my account, and manage my connections, logged in to my account, and it isn’t there. Am I missing something. I would love to monitor the blind in Sharp Tools. The blinds are IKEA FYRTUR and are one of the smart blinds in ST.

I had to authorize mine manually as noted in the original post

Thank you, that worked great. I’m new to ST and I always forget about using the classic app to solve problems. I hope they never kill it. What is interesting about the blinds is, ST appears to treat it like a dimmer. In the history you can see how it reports the stages as the blind opens, measured in % dimmed. 100% being fully open. Thanks again.


This enhancement is included in the latest platform release:

:link: Security Icons and Thermostat Improvements

For some reason my IKEA blind disappeared from Sharptools. I had to use the Classic app to authorize it again. Any idea how this can be done in the new app when classic goes away?

You should be able to use the new app to manually authorize devices that don’t support one of the core capabilities. The instructions in the link @Chris_C posted were updated recently to reflect the steps in the ‘new’ app.

:link: How To Authorize Unrecognized Things

Once the new SmartThings API is ready and we transition over to it, Window Shades should come across with the default set of authorizations.