Swipe between dashboards?


Is there a way to swipe between dashboards?

I’m using separate dashboards for different rooms/spaces, and navigating using the Navigation buttons.
But it’s quite slow and clunky on my Amazon Fire HD, and I’m looking for an alternative way.

Also - if swiping is not possible, is there way to change the animation of tiles falling from the top left of the screen when opening a new dashboard?

Apologies if both of these questions have been previously discussed/answered elsewhere on the forums.

Thank you

@David_H, which year/model is your Fire HD tablet? and did you sideload Google Play Store/Services on it? I am curious if the navigation performance is degraded due to the sideloading, or having too many space tiles? (You can merge multiple small space tiles into fewer bigger tiles to help with the performance.)

Changing the transition animation is not currently supported but you may want to cast your vote in the feature request below:

Hi James,

It’s the Fire HD 8 Plus.

No Google play on it… The only app installed since new was Fully Kiosk, as it’s being used solely for Sharptools.

I wouldn’t say there’s too many tiles… Busiest dashboard is 21 tiles including navigation tiles.
And very few space tiles being used.


Do you have a video of the speed? I usually run mine a fire 10 but I tried it on my kids fire 8 plus and it still worked fine. Make sure to get the fire os version of fully from their website.

@josh wasn’t there a project someone did with a menu that kept multiple dashboards open at once?

This might be the one? Nav on left, dashboards on right - #3 by josh

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