Swipe Between Dashboards

Please consider adding a feature for navigating between dashboards via horizontal swiping. This would allow more convenient access to frequently used dashboards, especially on mobile devices or tablets. This would also enable me to just keep kiosk mode enabled on my phone, so that the web UI would appear more akin to a native mobile app.

Hi Justin-
Can you share more details on how you would see this working? How would the system know which dashboard to navigate to when you swipe left or right?

No real preference for how to define this. But seems the most intuitive way would be for the dashboards to be ordered from left to right in the same order in which they are currently displayed top to bottom in the vertical dashboard list. Reordering the dashboards in the vertical list would reorder the horizontal swiping order. Of course you could get fancy if you wanted a special interface for horizontally ordering the dashboards.

Are there any other details for which input would be helpful?


I also think that this would be a very nice feature. An easy way to set this up could be 2 params for each dashboard (next and prev). there you can select another dashboard. If you do not selct one the swipe has no impact if the param is set the swipe will lead to that defined dashboard.

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So if you are using fully kiosk browser (PLUS) it is possible to use the browser for this feature. You can enter several Dashboards as startpage and if you activate β€œSwipe to change Tabs” in the web browsing settings you can use the swipe to scroll through all the dashboards.

actually this workaround is not really that useful. If you have no other navigation it should work but if you want to combine navgation buttons and swiping everything gets messed up as the tabs do not have the correct contend anymore. If you use the navigation, fully kiosk does not jump to that tab. of course it loads the dashboard in the current tab.

So if you have 3 Dashboards:

and preload these in 3 tabs:
tab1 β†’ db1
tab2 β†’ db2
tab3 β†’ db3

Now you can use swipe navigation in kiosk without any issue. but as soon as you click on a button in db1 to load db2 you have following tabs states:
tab1 β†’ db2
tab2 β†’ db2
tab3 β†’ db3

now swiping is not working as db2 is in two tabs and db1 will never be shown.

So I realy want this feature in Sharptools =)

The default sequence could/would follow the current sort sequence of the Dashboard list.

Now that you mention it, ill question the use case for the current NEXT button which is useless from my experience.



I voted for this one! I would also love this instead of having a navigation on the dashboard.

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