Swipe Between Dashboards

Please consider adding a feature for navigating between dashboards via horizontal swiping. This would allow more convenient access to frequently used dashboards, especially on mobile devices or tablets. This would also enable me to just keep kiosk mode enabled on my phone, so that the web UI would appear more akin to a native mobile app.

Hi Justin-
Can you share more details on how you would see this working? How would the system know which dashboard to navigate to when you swipe left or right?

No real preference for how to define this. But seems the most intuitive way would be for the dashboards to be ordered from left to right in the same order in which they are currently displayed top to bottom in the vertical dashboard list. Reordering the dashboards in the vertical list would reorder the horizontal swiping order. Of course you could get fancy if you wanted a special interface for horizontally ordering the dashboards.

Are there any other details for which input would be helpful?

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