Nav on left, dashboards on right

How have you guys been able to do the following:

Nav buttons on left that either open the dashboard to the right or open a modal that allows you to select the dashboard wanted?

If I use a template dashboard for nav, then if I added additional dashboards, I have to update all. Make sense? Just trying to figure the best approach for this.

Ideas and thoughts please and if you have examples to share, would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Mark_Godfrey, you can create a baseline dashboard with those navigation tiles at left as the template, and create other dashboards by “copying” this baseline dashboard. Would be easier if you can decide what other dashboards you need first.


And yes, you will need to update all dashboards when changing the navigation tile with this approach. Or you can just use “Navigation Back” tile in other dashboards. I found myself almost always navigate back to the main dashboard from my child dashboards, so having a big “Go Back” tile and a “Go home” tile at left works well for me in the child dashboards.


The approach that @James mentioned is similar to the one I use in my dashboards. Though I tend to have one ‘main’ dashboard that serves as a navigation point and then use the ‘Back’ (or Home) navigation that James mentioned on my sub dashboards.

A bit more technical effort involved, but another approach for the those familiar with HTML would be to create a menu in HTML and embed your SharpTools dashboard in that. There’s also some editable examples linked in the iframe API help article.

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Thanks for the quick replies gents!

I was wondering if there is a way to embed a dashboard into another dashboard? I ask because the problem I see with copying a template dashboard is that if you change something in the future, you need to go back and change each cloned dashboard. It creates a lot of work when you decide to make a change. I’m aware of the custom CSS/HTML iframe API, but curious if there is a way to embed a navigation dashboard into a parent dashboard? Or perhaps my ask is about including a predefined group of tiles into an existing dashboard?

The iframe is certainly a neat option if you have the requisite familiarity with HTML/JS. It gives you full control over the look and feel of the menu and keeps things consistent across pages.

There’s a relevant feature request that you may be interested in voting on here: