SHM Picker Tile Color Change with Status


Is there a way to get the SHM Picker tile to change color with status changes? I would like it to be Red when armed and Green when disarmed. I set default and active colors but it does not change.


The individual ‘Arm (Away)’, ‘Arm (Stay)’ and ‘Disarm’ tiles will highlight when their respective state is active if colors are applied.

The SHM picker tile doesn’t currently support color highlighting… if I’m understanding correctly, you’re using SmartThings and you’d like the SHM picker tile to show one color when the status is either Armed Away or Armed Stay and another when it’s disarmed?


You are correct. I would like to show armed state one color and disarmed another color. It would be nice if the shm tile would change color so I could save space and use 1 tile instead of 3.

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Thanks for the confirmation. That makes sense to me and I’ve added it to the hit list. :grinning:


Ok thank you. I will use the individual tiles for now.