Smart Home Monitor tile state color change

Is it possible to make the color of the tile change depending on the state the monitor is in ie “Home” “Away” “Disarm”?

Currently you can only choose two color states. Active and inactive.

Thanks for the suggestion! @Derek_C requested the ability for the ‘SHM Picker’ tile have one color when the state is Away/Home (eg. ‘active’) and another color when it’s Disarmed (eg. ‘inactive’) in the following thread. Would that accomplish what you’re looking for? Or are you looking for one color for each SHM state?

Note that the individual SHM tiles highlight when their respective status is active as shown in the following video:

Hi Josh.

It’s similar, but I’m actually looking for a way to just change the status color of the SHM picker tile so that you wouldn’t have to take up real estate just to show the individual state tiles. It would be a 3way color tile specifically for this tile action or any other 3 way state device. 1 color for Disarmed. 1 for Home armed, and 1 for Away armed. Currently, if I just have the SHM monitor tile, the color does not change depending on which state it is in. Thanks

Thanks for the clarification. Currently the SHM Picker tile doesn’t use the active color (far left in my video). Derek’s request is to enable the active color on the SHM Picker whenever SHM is enabled (eg. Armed Away or Armed Home). It sounds like you’re looking for one step beyond that with individual colors for each of the states (Armed Away, Armed Home, and Disarmed).

Since we already have Active / Default color option for the tile, we’ll be able to include the active coloring functionality for the SHM Picker tile in an upcoming release.

I’ve noted your feedback around colors per individual state and have added it to a related item in our tracker. :grinning:

Cool. Thanks for quick reply Josh

SHM / HSM Picker tile active state coloring was included in today’s release!

:link: Calendar Improvements, More Icons, and Other Enhancements!

Fair warning that SmartThings will be deprecating SHM in favor of STHM as part of the mobile app migration (and there is no STHM API available at the moment). Check out the following thread for more details:

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