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I saved that dashboard and set it as the wallpaper on my tablet. It’s broken though, none of the buttons work and the clock doesn’t tell time…

Kidding!! Seriously though, I don’t know if it’s functional or just there for the sake of aesthetics, but what is the squiggly magical color bar of infinite power in the middle and/ or what does it do?

I want mine to talk like KIT from from the hit action 1980’s award winning television series, Knight Rider. but I’d need it to be less cantankerous and narcissistic. If I were Michael Knight and KIT tried sassing me like that, I woulda exercised my pimp-hand on that car. Dodging missiles and jumping through fire is all good, but what yoy gonna do about this bag of sugar in yo gas tank, KIT?!! What now, KIT!! But alas, I wasn’t!

Still, got any deets on that coolness?


It’s just a nice visual flair! They wanted a more ‘airy’ feeling with their dashboards, so they’re using black tiles on a black background… and instead of just having a big black space between the top and the bottom, they found a nice looking image online and used the Media Tiles to create that nice visual flair.