Share your cool SharpTools project!

I’ve seen some pretty amazing projects using SharpTools and wanted to see how other people are using it as well as share some of the examples I’ve seen.

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It’s amazing to see how automation can be used for such a range of projects. I’ve seen people use SharpTools to automate simple/mundane things which allows them to focus on more interesting parts of their projects… as well as amazingly intricate projects where automation is at the core of the project. I’m always impressed by the ingenuity of how people use SharpTools to solve both simple and complex projects!

What cool use cases of SharpTools have you seen?

Custom Huge Recessed Wall Tablet

SmartThings Community Post

Using AutoMagic to create easy to understand flows

Presence, Gentle Alarm Clock

Create custom integrations with their smart home platform

For example, integrating a WyzeCam device which was otherwise unsupported and treating it as a motion sensor in SmartThings (example link)

How are you using SharpTools?

How are you using SharpTools in your projects? What cool examples have you seen?


Wall tablet looks really cool.

I use SharpTools for my doorbell integration. I have a doorbell attached to an Ecolink door/window sensor which changes status when rung.
In Tasker, I use Sharptools to trigger the profile when the doorbell status changes. The task triggered consists of an Anymote plugin command which pauses a Roku. Next a Macronos macro plays a locally stored chime mp3 on some Sonos speakers. Then a Macronos command ungroups the speakers when the mp3 is finished playing. Lastly the Roku is unpaused.
I have found that using Sharptools/Tasker for playing music or TTS is faster and more reliable than any of the Smartapps I have tried for this purpose (e.g. WebCore, Big Talker and Lannouncer).


That’s great! Thing State events are one of my favorite features with SharpTools+Tasker.

I love the pausing and Sonos integration.

My favorite usage is making controlling my fans much simpler. I created scenes in tasker with toggles for each fan mode, the light and off. The buttons highlight when activated. I created a tasker profile using subscriptions from SharpTools to keep the buttons in sync with the state of the fan. I’m using Nova Launcher which allows additional controls on desktop icons. Tapping opens the bedroom controls, swiping up opens the living room controls.


That’s really cool. What is the UI with the fan modes built with? Is that somehow an extension of Nova Launcher or something different?

Tasker scenes. You can completely build interfaces, floating items, widgets, about anything you’d want really. Just click the scenes tab at the top of tasker and play around with it.

It’s a graphical building tool


You can create tasks on a press or hold. This is where I controlled highlighting a clicked button, for instance. Clicking a button changes the background color to a highlight and activates that fan mode, or if it’s on, turns it off and turns off the button highlight.


Very cool. Thanks for additional details. I’ve played with scenes before and mine usually turn out a bit clunky whereas yours is nice and streamlined and fits your theme. Great job and thanks for sharing!


Another, way more entailed project I just finished. Complete dashboard I made for when we go on an 11 day trip next month, so the person staying in our house can easily control things without needing to download a bunch of extra apps. It is using SharpTools for all actions and polling of device states to update the tiles, except the individual device commands for the TV and fireplaces.

After the trip, may make a new one for a wall mounted tablet. Maybe… This was an tremendous amount of work, about 30 hours lol


Wow! Impressive. Is this one using Tasker scenes as well?

Yes sir. Lots of scripting! Tiles all update with current status of devices.


One of the best features of Sharptools web is the ability to create different dashboards, so I could have one for the kitchen tablet and another for the Wink Relay in the living room. This is a fantastic interface, good work!


The weather media tile looks very nice with the matching style. I just swapped mine with this as well. Thanks @Alfredo :slight_smile:

For others who may be curious about this weather image source. Check the link below to customize your weather forecast image.


Do you have a couple of extra hours to explain me how to do that!?

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And you can explain to me afterward. :grin:


Sure, just waiting for @DomSim :joy:


Really cool to see all of these!

My house runs on Google Home/minis. I am using SmartTools as a master control in my entertainment room. Working on mounting it.