[RESOLVED] No longer work on ipad2 - ios 9.3.5

As of this past week the dashboard stopped working on my ipads. I have 2 ipad2s (both running ios 9.3.5) that I use as panels and as of this week it just shows up as a gray page w/ the blue header at the top. I’ve tried deleting safari settings/cookies but still see the same result.

Thanks for posting and for including the device + browser details! I suspect that one of the recent updates (Pushover Custom Sounds, Autorefresh Backgrounds, or Rule JSON Editor) might have introduced some new code that isn’t supported on very old browsers.

I’ll take a look to see if I can identify what’s causing the issue on iOS 9.3.5, but I would strongly recommend upgrading those devices. The iPad 2 was released over 12 years ago, so it’s ancient by technology standards. You’ll have the best experience with SharpTools on a modern device with a modern browser.

We continue to try to support old browsers, but we’re beginning to a reach a limit with how far back we can go, so I suspect that iOS 9.x may not be supported in some of our planned major platform updates.

I’ve pushed an update which should resolve this. Please make sure to refresh the page while viewing your dashboard to pull in the latest updates. :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh. I’m unfortunately out of town now until Sunday evening but will test yet when I return. I’ll update this thread if I still see issues. Thanks!

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