Autorefresh Backgrounds

We’re excited to announce a new Autorefresh feature for Dashboard Backgrounds.

We received some really interesting use-cases for this feature, including someone who wanted to tie the background image to the current weather conditions, and thought it was a perfectly logical extension of what we were already doing for Media Items.

As part of this release, we’ve also introduced a new ‘Force Refresh’ checkbox in the Autorefresh configuration for both traditional and background media items. By default, media items have always used ‘force refresh’, but we’ve received some requests for the ability to turn this off for certain use-cases. You can find more details about this setting in the Media Force Refresh Setting - SharpTools Knowledge Base article.

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Awesome feature.
Could this be used to create a gallery of changing background somehow. Would be awesome to use Google photos like I can in DakBoard.

The source would need to return a new image each time the URL was accessed.

As far as I’m aware, Google Photos doesn’t have a native feature that would return a random image from an album each time a special URL was accessed.

If you figure out a solution, be sure to post it as I’m sure other community members would be interested! There’s also a feature request for native Google Photos integration if you want to cast a vote on that and perhaps reply with your use-case to help ‘bump’ the thread?