Request: Custom User Icons

Wondering if incorporating user-designed icons is within reason.

What I’m thinking of is probably best implemented on a pc or laptop with a mouse. Provide the user with an empty grid representing the pixel dimensions of the icon. Clicking on a grid location alternately fills or erases it. An actual-size icon would also be shown to preview the design,

And some way to add it to the icon table, or provide an additional table for user-designed icons.

Probably a ten-minute job…

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Thanks for the feedback, Stan! We’ve had a few requests around icons, but this is a unique one! :smiley:

One of the requests we’ve had is to be able to use user supplied icons - either being able to link to an icon that the user has hosted somewhere or perhaps even be able to upload custom icons. We have it on our tracker and interest in icon related enhancements seems to be growing!

Considering that there’s lots of software packages available dedicated to graphic design, I think the ability for a user to design their own icon using one of those packages and then upload it might be a good approach. That would let us continue to focus on value added dashboard UI features while still providing an approach for custom icons. That being said, if there’s enough user interest in a built-in custom icon designer, we’re always open to considering it!


Boy - am I disappointed. I thought for sure you’d get a dozen or so of senior staff to work on this right away!

Seriously - I know there are features more important to more people than an icon designer. But you can’t blame a guy for asking…

I was looking for an icon, and browsed the existing group as well as the unicode collection - which is available on just a few tile types.

And yes, being able to upload icons is probably more useful and practical than being able to design them.

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Are there any specific icon requests you have? Maybe it’s something we can add to our core library of icons.

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I was looking for a spiffy icon for my ecobee temperature sensors.
The current icon:
Was thinking of something like this:
This is the kind of thing I would enjoy fiddling with if I could do it myself, but certainly isn’t something to shove aside anything in the development pipeline!