Tiles Dashboard - Custom Icons

@josh The new Tile Dashboard is awesome. I found it easy to setup on android and very responsive. I was wondering if you had any plans to allow for different icons?

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Thanks for checking things out and I’m glad you like the new tiles dashboard! Yes, the ability to further customize the tiles is on the way. I’ve already stubbed out the capability for overriding the icons, height/width, and name… now I just need to implement the logic!

I’m also toying with a concept of being able to change a tile’s ‘layout’/‘template’, but probably need some feedback from the community on potential use cases.

My thought is different layouts will be available for different tile types and the default layout will be inferred. For example, take a Switch and a Dimmable Switch. In the example below, my Living Room Lamp is a regular switch and the Stair Light is a dimmable variant. While the layouts are very similar in this case, the dimmable switch swaps out the on/off status with a level indicator which you can click to show a dimmer modal.


What if you wanted to create a dashboard where the dimmable switch could only be toggled on/off instead of also being able to dim it? This is where being able to override the template and choose to use the regular Switch layout could be helpful.

I know this is a trivial example, but as more layouts are built out, I can imagine this will be a helpful feature. My long-term goal is to allow community contributed layouts. So even if I don’t have first-party support for a specific device, someone could build their own layout to use.


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