Quick Rule Screenshot Feature

To allow users to quickly take a screenshot of the rule from Rule Editor, so it can be download or shared easily.

Use Cases

  • To post the rule setup in the community, so other people can better understand the setup and help with the question asked, or to understand the shared rule concept better.
  • To be attached in the support ticket to help the support to better understand the rule setup for troubleshooting.

What it Solves
It may take extra steps to take a complete screenshot of the rule setup currently, especially when the rule is long (more complicated). Or users may take multiple screenshots for one rule and post them in the community/ticket, which isn’t very consistent/clean for others to view.

Regarding sharing/viewing - how about a shareable (non-editable, view only) link for a rule?

Or possibly even add view and/or copy? (so a viewer can copy the rule into their own account)

And another method for at least viewing/displaying in forum - I discovered that you can already save the rule as a .pdf (just right click on the page and select ‘save as pdf’);
then if Sharptools could expand the ‘upload image’ to include .pdf files, then you could simply add it to any post on the forum.
Or there are many pdf to img options available from internet
(I just downloaded and used pdf converter from Windows Store for this example)

So this is do-able NOW, without any changes at all required.

This was very quick process -
Open (edit) the rule;
right click and save the page as .pdf
(no need to even open the pdf)
Launch PDF Converter tool and select the .pdf file
Choose your save folder and Convert
And you have high-res image file (you may wish to re-name it after save - it just gives it a numerical ID in the saved Folder)

post script - one thing I notice is that if you have multiple images in a post, then it shows a smaller version than full-size and clicking just takes you to next image; with a single image (as in this post) you can click on it, and initially get the ‘less than full’ size, but then click again and it will go full size. With multiple images, you have to open in new tab to see full size.

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Feel free to create a separate feature request for it. :slight_smile:

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I need to save a number of rules as I have to delete and reinstall a Smartapp which will get rid of a number of camera devices. I think when I reinstall the app and re-create the devices, all the rules will be broken.

So, I thought before do anything that can’t be undone, I would try to print the rules.

I did as you suggested, and went into the rules and right-clicked, but I can’t save as a PDF, only an HTML or HTM.

I tried to print to a PDF, but the formating was all wrong and impossible to read.

Which browser were you using?

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Hi folks, this feature is now available for beta test. You can take the rule screenshot with one simple tap on any devices without having to scroll and capturing multiple images for the long rules. Please pm @support if you are interested in join the Beta Tester program. :v:

Hi folks, this feature is now available in SharpTools.io. See the release post below for more details, and thank you for your feature quest and votes. :v:

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