New Feature: Rule Screenshot

We’re excited to introduce a new Rule Screenshot feature :camera_flash:, which makes it easier to share your cool smart home automation ideas or get help troubleshooting why a rule doesn’t work as desired.

:white_check_mark: This feature closes the following feature request: Quick Rule Screenshot Feature

Rule Screenshot

You can now take a complete screenshot of your rule logic using the Rule Screenshot feature with one simple tap. The screenshot image can then be downloaded/copied and included in your community posts, social media posts, or support tickets. This is an excellent way to show off your automation setup or better communicate your rule configuration.

How to Take Rule Screenshot

Open the desired rule from the Rule Management page, tap the ... at top-right corner of the page, then select “Take Screenshot”.

When the screenshot is displayed, you can download the image, or right-click/long-press on the image to copy the image.

The Rule Screenshot captures the image in a standard width and captures the whole rule - even on long scrolling rules! This makes it very easy to take screenshots of rules – especially on mobile devices where it can be hard to capture the whole rule.


I have begun using this great feature to document my system and its great, thanks again. I have one suggestion: In screenshot there is not any display about the rule name or description, so when its copied to a document or saves as a image with right click you need to add the correspondent name, I think its better if screen shot includes the rule name and description. I hope this is useful for everybody.

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@Carlos_Juarez, thanks for the feedback. Can you please post a Feature Request for it, since it is already released? So it’s easier for us to track the request and others who are interested can vote as well. The Rule Screenshot was originally designed for sharing the rule logic or asking for help to troubleshoot the rule, but I can certainly understand that it can be useful to include the name/description for document purpose. :wink: