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I am trying to find a way to have my front doorbell camera go full screen in SharpTools when someone rings the doorbell. I have my Arlo video doorbell connected through ST and the camera is streaming using TinyCam Pro. I do not see a way to create a rule that would force the video stream to full screen on an action (doorbell button pressed). Any ideas?

Hi Brian - welcome to the community! What type of device are you using to display your dashboards?

If you’re using Fully Kiosk Browser on an Android or Fire tablet, there’s an integration for Hubitat and SmartThings that would allow you to change which URL is loaded:

Using that, you could either directly load the URL for the stream from TinyCam or you could have another dashboard with just the media tile filling up the dashboard and fast switch between dashboards.

Thanks Josh. These instructions seem a little more advanced than what I’ve done in the past, but I guess it’s a good excuse to learn. I’ll try this out and see how it works.

The biggest effort is probably getting Fully Kiosk Controller installed for your hub.

From there, you could start with a basic rule that calls loadURL() with just the normal URL of whatever you’d like to display (eg. another dashboard or the TinyCam feed directly).

Once you get comfortable with that, you can always upgrade to the fast switching if you want to be able to quickly switch between dashboards. And we’re always here to help! :smiley:

Hi Josh. I created the rule to call the camera url and tested it as a tile in the dashboard. That works fine, but the rule does not get triggered when the someone rings the bell. I am using the Arlo Video Doorbell. Here is the trigger:

Front Doorbell - button changes to ‘pushed’

Does Arlo use something other than button or pushed? Thanks for the help.

The best thing to do would be to check the event history and see what it reports. Or setup a rule to send a notification with the value.

When you are configuring the Trigger for that devices, if you are seeing a drop-down of options for the values, those are the values that the device reported that it supports, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the device doesn’t follow that. For whatever reason, some of the ‘walled garden’ integrations like Ring and Arlo either don’t expose all their features or do things in esoteric ways.

Here’s an example of setting up a rule to try to catch all the changes for a button attribute and then send the attribute name and value in an email notification (using context variables). Note that it’s looking for the trigger to ‘change to’ a value or ‘change and is not’ that same value.

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We’re nearly there. I created a rule to trigger on motion rather than button push (don’t know why but button push just does not get recognized). When I trigger the rule from the dashboard, the fast switch to the “video” dashboard works fine. But when the motion sensor actually gets triggered, I get the SMS telling me there is motion, but the rule does not invoke on the dashboard.

What am I missing?

Woohoo. I deleted the part of the rule that sent SMS because I was tired of my phone going crazy and sure enough the rule started working as expected. Still plan on working out why it’s not working on the button push, but as is it accomplishes my goal of seeing who’s at the door. Thanks for all your help Josh.

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