Variables in Notifications

Along with the latest feature release, Context Variables, we are excited to introduce support for variables in notifications to the Rule Engine.


Variables in Notifications is a new feature that enables you to include the value of a variable directly in a notification. Paired with the new context variables, you can now have notifications that include the name and value of the event that triggered the rule.

:crown: Variables are a Premium feature.
If you are using the free tier, please let us know if youโ€™d like us to reset your trial.

How to Include Variables in Notifications

Supported in all notifications channels, user can tap the image button or use the special {{$variableId}} syntax to insert both Custom or Context variable(s) in notification content. This is very helpful if you want to include the triggering device/variable name or its value in the notification content.

Use Case and Rule Example

Get a notification and know which door was opened

Include a temperature reading in notification content

Variables in Notifications was introduced as a result of a community Feature Request. Your feedback is important for us in determining our tasks priorities, so donโ€™t forget to vote on features you are interested or create a new feature request to share your thoughts. :grinning:


Amazing! What a wonderful Christmas present!

Thank you!