On sharptools 2 days, here's my comments

So with the smartthings changes i’ve discovered Sharptools. I like it and now that I’ve spent 2 days building 2 dashboards for 2 hubs, will probably pay for the premium given that the ST classic app is gone soon. However I like to give feedback and here’s my findings:

Higher priority:
-New Template Feature:
Edit tile / Change Layout (or in Edit): Have an drop down that shows all your custom named and saved templates. These templates carry all the settings in edit page (color, attributes, sizes etc…). It also contains the custom color states if any.
Maybe this get saved from Edit page or elsewhere. Same saved templates available across all dashboards. Or at the very least have template in the color states menu so one doesnt need to rebuild the same color states ladder for every temperature or other device tile.

-Drop the “at” for the second attribute “last update” time. This would make it fit smaller tiles. Option for 24hr time? Maybe drop the space between the month and day also to compact it. So like this “Aug23 3:18pm”

-Voltage, Humidity and other capabilities does not have Color State available. Would be good if can change tile color based on Battery voltage(level). Can every tile with a value have option for color state feature? Could use template mentioned above

-New Icons request:
For contact devices they can be used for a ton of stuff like tank levels, motors, level sensors, etc… Right now the label of the states can be handled with a custom ST DTH’s which will be disappearing soon. Can we get some Icons that just have bold text like; ON, OFF, FULL, EMPTY, LOW, RUNNING, etc… That way they can be selected from the contacts “color states” menu.
Or make it possible to edit the “Default” and “Active” state display text.

-Edit / Tile: Can this be 2 columns of inputs so you dont have to scroll down to get to the rest of the settings?

-Edit Main Context Text: For long titles, the spacing between the title rows could be reduced so it doesnt occupy so much real estate in the title and run into the main. Could shrink tile size with this. Fit more tiles on same page.

Lower priority:
-Configuration: when shrinking tile size the main attribute stays in middle and runs into label/title. Theres enough room if the main value would drop down a bit. Wasted space. Add a y axis +/- for positioning main value, automate it?

-When Editing dashboard and hitting the “+” to add devices, you cant uncheck a device. Make it possible to uncheck a device as an alternative to editing and “Remove” on the tile itself.

-New Location Tile:
To use these tiles you need all of them and they all change at the same time but the tilte stays the same. So if I click Home, the Away tile still says Away even though the mode is Home. Yeah, I see the little 2nd attribute chnage. Maybe it would be best if there was an option for a generic location tile with title “Switch Location” The the main text would be “Home” or “Away” and would switch modes and main text when you click it. An all in one location tile, kind of like a Switch tile.

-New Graph request:
Is it possible in the “Add Item” list to add a new “Graph” feature. Would add a tile for graph with x axis history(time) and Y axis the plotted value of the selected device (temp, voltage, humidity, generic, etc…) Tile Edit would have the Axis settings, label, color, and tile size (default 3x).

-Is there a configurable global refresh rate for dashboard in Kiosk mode?

Glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying things and thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback / suggestions.

User feedback is a key part of how we prioritize what we work on. The more people that show interest in a particular feature request, the more likely it is to get prioritized. (The opposite is generally true too)

  • Template for Color States
    Regarding a template for color states, you can find some discussion on that in the original release thread:

    :link: Icons and Colors based on States + Window Shades - #8 by Turo_Jantunen

  • Last Update Time
    I’m not sure which ‘last update’ time you’re referring to as we don’t have any features with that name and it sounds like it’s in the context of an attribute. My suspicion is you’re using the Hero Attribute tile and displaying a custom ‘last update’ attribute. If so, the formatting of the time in the attribute is dictated by your device handler.

  • State Mapping for Custom Attributes
    The fully customizable state mapping feature is currently only for Temperature Sensor tiles. Other tile types like Switch, Contact Sensor, and others with a fixed set of states have a simplified state mapping feature. It’s on our hitlist to bring customized state mapping to the Hero Attribute tile, so I’ve noted your feedback in that context.

  • Text Icons
    The suggested workaround for this is to use SharpTools.io Rules to set a Text Variable with your desired value. You can also configure Variable Tiles with a hyperlink action and then use the $.runRule("RULEID") syntax to run a rule. (Example)

  • Title / Main Content Formatting
    We’re working on introducing a Theme + Styles concept that would allow more customization over various aspects of tiles. I’ve noted the feedback in that context.

  • Uncheck Items in Add Items
    Things can be added to the same dashboard multiple times using different tile layouts and the primary intention of the check was to show that you’ve successfully added something to the dashboard. The removal process will likely remain a more intentional set of actions as it is today.

  • Location Tile
    If you want a single tile that shows the ‘current’ value for any of the location features, you can use the ‘Picker’ variant of each tile. For example, the Mode Picker tile will show the current mode in the tile and when you tap the tile it will present a popup of the different modes you can change to. Most people who use the individual tiles use the active state coloring to indicate which mode is active:

  • Graphing
    The most popular approach is to log data to an external source (like Google Sheets), and then embed the chart as a Media Tile. Check out Request: Trending / Graphing / Analytics - #9 by josh for more details.

  • Refresh Rate for Kiosk Mode
    SharpTools uses push technology to immediately push status updates to your browser. As such, there aren’t any refresh rate type options within SharpTools.

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