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Back on 11/12, you mentioned the slow dim up/down for lights would be in an upcoming release. Forgive me if I missed it, but is that still upcoming?

I reviewed my announcements and didn’t see it, but didn’t want to miss it.


The Sunset and Sunrise triggers and conditions in the Rule Engine are planned for next week’s release. :grin:

Can you clarify what you mean by slow dim up/down though? If you are referring to dimming a light up over a few seconds, you can do that today in a rule as long as your light supports it. Some lights accept a second parameter to the setLevel(level, duration) command where the duration is how long it should take the light to dim to the desired level. If it’s a longer period of time, you could send multiple setLevel commands with delays between them on a rule.


To clarify, I mean the ability to control lights to slowly turn up or down over a longer (e.g. 15 mins) period of time. So turning the lights on in a bedroom, for instance, over 15 minutes, so as to approximate the sun rising. Does that help?

Not the ability to trigger something at the point of sunrise and/or sunset.


Thanks for clarifying, @Casey_Stanley - we’ll add it to the list as a potential enhancement. Behind the scenes, I think it would effectively be doing something like the following. I could see how having a single quick command to handle the dimming over a period would be really helpful and streamlined!


That would get me there, though. Thanks for the suggestion. I know Samsung’s App has the “Gentle Wake Up” automation that is very slick. I can use/trigger that in the meantime.

Appreciate everything you do!

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Sunrise and Sunset as triggers are included in the latest release. You can find more details in the following announcement:


Are there variables that can be captured and sent in email from a rule?

If Motion1 or Motion2 are active THEN send email to “Hey, Motion1 was active.”


@Darell_Craighead variables are on our hitlist and we’ve been working on some prototypes. In the meantime, the solution would be to use multiple IF conditions:

# Trigger(s):
Motion1 is active
Motion2 is active

# Flow:
If Motion1 is active
THEN send email to "Hey, Motion1 was active"

If Motion2 is active
THEN send email to "Hey, Motion2 was active"

Keep in mind that Triggers are always OR’ed together (eg. if any of the events happen, they will trigger the rule)… whereas IF conditions can changed between AND / OR depending on your use case.

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Just wanted to make sure you are aware of the “Fade level” command feature we released back in Feb. You can find more details in the announcement below, and it would definitely simplify the command needed to change level value over x period. :slight_smile:

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