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Back on 11/12, you mentioned the slow dim up/down for lights would be in an upcoming release. Forgive me if I missed it, but is that still upcoming?

I reviewed my announcements and didn’t see it, but didn’t want to miss it.


The Sunset and Sunrise triggers and conditions in the Rule Engine are planned for next week’s release. :grin:

Can you clarify what you mean by slow dim up/down though? If you are referring to dimming a light up over a few seconds, you can do that today in a rule as long as your light supports it. Some lights accept a second parameter to the setLevel(level, duration) command where the duration is how long it should take the light to dim to the desired level. If it’s a longer period of time, you could send multiple setLevel commands with delays between them on a rule.


To clarify, I mean the ability to control lights to slowly turn up or down over a longer (e.g. 15 mins) period of time. So turning the lights on in a bedroom, for instance, over 15 minutes, so as to approximate the sun rising. Does that help?

Not the ability to trigger something at the point of sunrise and/or sunset.


Thanks for clarifying, @Casey_Stanley - we’ll add it to the list as a potential enhancement. Behind the scenes, I think it would effectively be doing something like the following. I could see how having a single quick command to handle the dimming over a period would be really helpful and streamlined!


That would get me there, though. Thanks for the suggestion. I know Samsung’s App has the “Gentle Wake Up” automation that is very slick. I can use/trigger that in the meantime.

Appreciate everything you do!


Sunrise and Sunset as triggers are included in the latest release. You can find more details in the following announcement: