Notifications, Rule Engine Enhancements, and Sign-in Account Linking


We are excited to announce another platform release which brings with it several new features:

New Notification Features

This release includes a brand new Notification action in the Rule Engine! We are introducing email, SMS and Pushbullet notifications to better keep you up to date with what’s happening in your smart home! For example, I’ve setup a rule that check the status of my locks and garage door each night and will send me a notification if either is left unlocked or open.

In order to use the various features, you’ll need to make sure you account is connected with the appropriate provider. For SMS and Email notifications, just make sure you have the relevant account type linked to your account. You can now link SMS and email accounts from the user card on the account page - see the account linking section for more details!

Rule Engine Editor Enhancements

Several enhancements were included with the Rule Engine with this release including a new ‘Advanced’ option for setting custom device parameters, a color picker for devices which support color inputs, and drag-and-drop re-ordering of actions.

Advanced Device Action

The ‘Advanced’ option can be found in the top-right corner of the Device Action card and lets you customize the parameters that are sent to your devices. For example, some community device types and even official device types don’t properly report the parameters that they accept. This feature allows you to override how many parameters and what type of data is being sent.


For example, perhaps your device doesn’t properly report that it accepts accepts additional data along with the setColor command - now you can build custom parameters:
image image

Color Picker

Speaking of color, there’s a fancy new color picker to make it easier to control your color enabled devices. Simply select the desired hue and optionally adjust the saturation level:

Drag-and-drop re-ordering of actions

Also included with this release is the ability to re-order the actions in your Rules. Have you ever setup a rule and later realized you wanted to add actions in the middle of the flow or configure the flow in a different order?
Now you can easily re-order your rules using the drag-and-drop editor. Simply click the drag icon in the card header and drag the card to the position you want it to be in.

Account Linking

Included with this release is the ability to link other account sign-ins! While this is particularly helpful for being able to link an phone number to send an SMS to, it’s also a convenient way to login using a different account type.


One use-case for this is linking an email/password or SMS login account to a Google account to allow you to login on certain devices. For example, Google blocks the ability to sign-in when a web page is viewed in a ‘webview’ - and when an app is pinned to the homescreen on iOS it runs in a webview making it impossible to sign-in with a Google credential. Now you can link an SMS or email/password credential and login using those on your restricted devices.

Note that there is a workaround for Google Sign-in on Fully Kiosk Browser which you can find here:

Also note that if you try to link a credential which is already associated with another account, you will be prompted to merge the accounts (and verify ownership of both). Some data like dashboards, hyperlinks, media, and rules can be migrated, but connections to your IoT platforms and the data associated with them will not be migrated (Locations, Things). As such, after merging sign-in accounts, you may need to authorize additional devices for your primary account to have access to.


Hi! is there a way I can compare the status of 2 different devices and based on that take an action? thanks


Can you give an example of the type of comparison you are trying to do? You can do basic comparisons today like

  • IF light1=on AND light2=on THEN ...
  • IF temperature1 > 28 OR temperature2 > 30 THEN ...
  • IF level1=50 AND level2=50 THEN ...

We have been looking at putting a concept of variables, math, and string manipulations in place though. So you could do something like:

$variable1 = sensor1.temperature
$variable2 = sensor2.temperature
$average = $variable1 + $variable2 / 2
IF $average > 28 THEN ...


Just pushed a platform update with hotfix for the Rule Engine scrolling issue on mobile devices. Enjoy the new touch-friendly, scrollable drag-and-drop reordering! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it possible to have sunset/sunrise option in time. Then be abliltiy to start it x time before or after sunset?


Great suggestion. We’ll look into it!


Hi Josh,. Any chance the Rule Engine will support the old Sharptools Thing attributes…such as %st_attr_value?

Nice work on the engine, could replaced many of my Tasker scripts. It’s very responsive. Many thanks.


Yes, we have plans to introduce global variables which should provide similar functionality.

Do you have any specific examples of how you would use the variables?


The basic things I do in Tasker, something like this for a notification:

The %st_thing_name is %st_attr_value @ %DATE - %TIME