Welcome to the SharpTools.io Community


Welcome to the new SharpTools.io community! This community serves as the primary place to discuss anything related to SharpTools for web, mobile, or TV. We are continuing to grow support for additional features and platforms, so please share your ideas on how we can continue to improve or take some time to help out a fellow community member!

Feature Announcements

Going forward, all feature announcements will be made to the respective announcements categories in the SharpTools for Web and SharpTools for Android categories.

You can subscribe to announcement by navigating to one of the categories above, tapping the notifications drop-down, and selecting “Watching first post”. This allows you to get notified of all the new announcements! Optionally, you can choose to participate in the discussion, by replying to any of the announcement topics!


Notifications, Rule Engine Enhancements, and Sign-in Account Linking