Nest Camera App Hyperlink


Does anyone know the hyperlink to open Nest Camera app on Android it would be nice to open to a certain camera if not just open the app would work. Until I come up with a better option or new cameras


Here’s what I could find.

  • app: Nest
  • package:
  • Launcher: com.obsidian.v4.activity.LoginActivity

Formatted as a Fully Link:



does this work on Chrome for Android or only Fully?


The formatted URL I posted above works in Fully, but doesn’t seem to work on Android 8.x and Chrome 68. I don’t know if there’s a format that works with Chrome, but I can look into it if that’s what you need?


The following works in Chrome and Fully on Android:



I don’t have a Nest Camera to test with at the moment, but you might also try to deep link to the camera. It looks like the format is:


Where stlJo6rH is your camera ID.