Nest Cam and Nest Hello Experimental Support

Today’s release includes experimental support for displaying public feeds from Nest Cam cameras and Nest Hello video doorbells in Media Tiles!

In order for this feature to work, you’ll need to share your camera publicly. Once you’ve enabled the Share Publicly option for your Nest Cam, you can copy the link and use it in a SharpTools Media Tile:

Also included in this release are a few bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Devices with the deprecated ‘Garage Door Control’ capability are now toggleable
    • Most garage doors use the ‘Door Control’ capability and always have been toggleable. This adds support for older device drivers that use the deprecated ‘Garage Door Control’ capability.
  • Added support for medium-high fan speed for Hubitat Fan Control devices
    • Devices that report a medium-high fan speed, like Lutron, will show the value and a relevant animation
    • Speed Picker and Set Speed actions show the ‘medium-high’ option
    • Cycle Speeds can cycle from ‘medium-high’ if your fan is already set to that speed elsewhere, but will not cycle to ‘medium-high’
  • Fix: Disabling autorefresh in the media tile editor did not persist unless interval was set to ‘0’
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