Cameras of all sorts

So I have a ring doorbell cam, some arlo’s, and some wyze. I have seen some posts on some sort of working. Has there been any progress one could post to?

I remember fiddling with the cameras at one point, but never getting anything set.

Ring and Arlo are both pretty closed ecosystem. We have reached out to Ring through their partners program and are awaiting feedback so we can access their API. Wyze recently released their beta firmware supporting RTSP which made it easier to be integrated into other NVR systems or Blue Iris. See the post below for the detailed instructions for feeding Wyze camera into SharpTools via Blue Iris.

Please note that you can use some other system instead of Blue Iris, but due to the browser limitation, you will need to convert the camera feed into mjpg or jpeg so they can be displayed in browser.

As James alluded to, your best bet is going to be devices that have some way of outputting an MJPEG feed. Either directly or through an NVR like Blue Iris, Tiny Cam etc.

The following article has some tips and tricks that might be helpful:

For Arlo, some community members have used Arlo Pilot to pull in snapshots:

And on a related note, we have experimental support for Nest Cam and Nest Hello:

Is they have IFTTT integrations, has anyone been successful doing it that way? At the least, if not a live feed, then a snapshot of last captured?

It depends on what types of things they expose in their IFTTT integration (similar to my reply in your other post).

Most of the camera integrations I’ve seen have actions like arming/disarming the camera and sometimes triggers like motion detection, but I don’t recall seeing any that expose an image snapshot in their IFTTT integration.

There are some other workarounds for Ring depending on what you are looking to accomplish. For example, you could add a Hyperlink tile that opens the Ring app.

I’ve also seen some people using Tasker / AutomateIt to automatically open the Ring app whenever a Ring notification is received.