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Hello everyone. Having fun starting out with sharp tools. I have one tile left that I am looking to fill abs hoping you all may help. It would be great to add a music tile that would play either through my Alexa speaker or even just through the device itself (fire HD 8). I have apple
Music, amazon music or happy to use tune in radio. Maybe just a simple button to turn the radio on etc. Or even a tile that would just open either of the above when I tap it… Would anyone be able to help me?

Hi @Adam_Scott welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Which smart home hub are you using? “Echo Speaks” was a popular integration that was originally developed for SmartThings, has been ported to Hubitat, and recently sunset on SmartThings. It’s a neat way to provide music playback control on your Amazon Echo devices (among other things). This approach exposes music player tiles similar like those shown on the left side of the following dashboard:


Alternatively, you may be able to use a virtual device to trigger an Alexa routine… and the Alexa routine could be set to play your desired station, but this would just be a single button to start the music and not a traditional music player interface.

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So I have a fire HD 8 that I have up on the wall. I use it mainly for rapid ring doorbell notifications but have also managed to add a weather tile and my smart lights that are linked to my smart things account. I have been doing lots of reading on here about adding music and also the echo speaks. I explored trying to add this custom app to SmartThings but my knowledge on the matter has run out. I don’t know how to add it or how to add a music tile. Sorry, really new to this stuff, used to think I was quite good tech wise until I started messing with urls and actions etc.

Unfortunately Echo Speaks isn’t supported on SmartThings anymore. :slightly_frowning_face: The virtual switch approach with Alexa routines might be an option for you.

I’ll leave it open to the community for their thoughts on other approaches…

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