Moving my automations from webcore

Forgive me as this is likely already been posted but can’t see it. I’m about to start moving all of my webcore automation to Sharptools, I understand that some that use custom device handlers won’t work after the move to edge but will all the others work? Or am I better waiting until after Sep 30th and see how this transition plays out , get my Sharptools subscription then and start moving my automation?


The SmartThings Platform Transition FAQ has some details about how things will work with the device transition.

The short version is:

  • No Custom DTH (Zigbee/Z-wave): If you aren’t using any Custom DTHs, many ‘normal’ Zigbee and Z-wave devices should automatically transition to an Edge equivalent. There will be exceptions to this and SmartThings has noted some cases where devices will lose some functionality.

  • Custom DTH (Zigbee/Z-wave): Anything Z-wave/Zigbee devices using a Custom DTH should automatically transition to a generic Edge Equivalent… so those might lose custom commands from the Custom DTH. You can add a custom driver if there’s one available for it though.

  • LAN devices are much less clear. LAN devices with a Custom DTH will not automatically transition. Some first party LAN DTHs will automatically transition, but there are many exceptions noted.

I think the ideal approach is going to vary from person to person. Some people prefer to get ahead of things and have been manually transitioning devices – this requires reonboarding the device which can be a major pain for some devices.

Some people have mostly ‘normal’ Zigbee/Z-wave devices (eg. basic light switches, dimmers, motion sensors, contact sensors, etc) and in that case will likely be covered by the automatic transition in which case it might be way easier to just wait for it to happen.

If you have Custom DTHs, I would be taking a look at what features those DTHs provide and why you used them over a stock DTH – it would probably be good to start looking for a equivalent driver that you want to move those to. For Z-wave/Zigbee devices that will be automatically transitioned, you then have to decide if you want to just let it get auto transitioned or if you want take the effort to physically reonboard the device and get ahead of things.

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