Motion Off Delay

Happy Easter, I am having trouble building a simple off delay timer also known as a de-bounce timer. Rather than use a motion sensors timer I want to create a timer that begins timing only while there is no motion. I want to turn a light off X seconds after the motion sensor reports inactive.

If motion is active during the time delay the delay time must start over from zero.

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Happy Easter to you as well!

I believe @James has this on his hit list to build a native rule feature that would handle this as I don’t believe there’s a way to do exactly what you are looking for currently.

What we have been thinking about is a condition like ‘Motion has been inactive for X minutes’.

For this to work in your scenario, you would have a rule trigger of motion active which sends a light on command… then an X minute delay and at the end of that a ‘motion has been inactive for X minutes’ condition which would turn off the lights.

(Alternatively, two separate rules where the second is a motion has been inactive for X minutes trigger could work.)

@Brad_Stegmann, we have rolled out “state stays…” as trigger and condition in Rule Engine in beta last week. Are you interested in joining the beta group and trying out the new features. :slight_smile:

Hello @James. My name is Julio Velasco, and I work directly for @Brad_Stegmann . Please add me to the beta group to test out this feature. I appreciate your help.

Thank you,
Julio Velasco

Hi Julio,
I’ve added your account to the beta tester group, and you can find more details in this beta test post.
And don’t forget to read Beta Tester Q&A first to get some ideas about our beta tester program. Thank you.

Thank you @James ! I will make sure I read the beta test post and the Q&As.

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@Automation_Group & @Brad_Stegmann, the "State stays … " feature was rolled out to production today with other features and enhancements. You can find more details from our announcement posted today.

Hello! I there a “random number” that i can use on the rule engine to program some sort of “away lights”?

I want some chosen lights to turn on and off at random times when im not home. If the random number is from 0 to 9 it is ok with me, becase i can add a 15 plus that random number and i have a perfect time.


Hi @An_Dres, random time trigger is not currently supported, but sounds like a great idea to be added to my list. Other than random time trigger, do you need something like “random” duration to turn the lights off? This sounds to be a great feature but I need to think about the design how users can create “away light” automation easily but with some flexibility. But thanks for the great suggestion.

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Thanks for your quick response James! Yes, i need the random trigger only for my away lights…

My away lights would be:

Turn light 1, light 2 and light 3.
2 at a time
For a random number between 10 and 25 minutes.

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I would also be interested in being able to turn lights on/off randomly. I envision this as being a random offset of sunset/sunrise. This is what I am currently doing with WebCore as a vacation/away crime deterrent.

@Steve_Jackson, thanks for the inputs on random offset of sunset/sunrise. I will need to include that in the design. :wink:

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