Rule Engine: Day of Week and 'State Stays', Thermostat Tile Enhancements, and Hero Attribute Colors

We are excited to release another great update today which includes:

Day of Week

Specify day(s) of the week in Time triggers and IF conditions when creating a rule. This can be useful for rules need to be run on specific days - for example on weekdays but not the weekend, or to check if today is a specific day when an event is triggered.

  • Schedule rules to run on certain day(s) of the week
    When using time schedule in a rule, there is now has an additional “weekly” option in the Repeat menu with the options of selecting particular day(s) of week the rule should be scheduled.

  • Day of week in IF conditions
    In addition to being able to schedule rules to run at particular time on particular day(s) of week, you can also use day of week in IF conditions to take different actions based on the day of week. Ex: When motion is detected in the baby’s room, notify your spouse that it’s “their day” on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. :slight_smile:


State stays…

Trigger a rule or create IF conditions based on a device attribute or location’s mode/SHM/HSM staying the same value for the past x period (eg. no state change).

  • Trigger rule if no state change for a device attribute for x period
    Rules can be now be triggered based on a device attribute, location mode and SHM/HSM status staying the same value for specific period. Ex: Trigger rule to send notification if a door has been left open for 15 minutes.

  • ‘State stays…’ in IF conditions
    The ‘State stays…’ capability can also be used in IF conditions for device attributes, location modes, and SHM/HSM to take different actions depending on if the condition is met

Support for Additional Thermostats

  • Added support for thermostats, including those that are heating-only or cooling-only such as European thermostats and radiators
  • Adds support for Netatmo Thermostats (popular in Europe) and GoControl/RCS Z-wave thermostats
  • If a thermostat is reporting ‘Auto’ mode, but only supports heating or cooling (not both), then the quick adjustment controls will be enabled (typically disabled when in Auto mode)

Override Hero Attribute Active Color

  • Added a new option to explicitly choose which attribute is used for determining the background color of the Hero Attribute Tiles
    • Previously, the Hero Attribute color coding was always based on the implied core attribute of a thing based on its core capability
    • Now you can explicitly choose which attribute to use for determining the active/inactive color.
  • Examples:
    • Show the track description from a Music Player, but change the color based on the playback status
    • Show the dimming level of a light, but change the color based on the switch state
    • Show the energy level from a plug, but change the color based on the switch state
    • Show the motion status across a variety of different devices (that have different core capabilities) and consistently show the color based on the motion attribute

Other enhancements

  • Allow multiple lines in SMS and Pushbullet notification
  • Minor simplifications to the Hero Attribute ‘Additional Options’
  • Minor enhancements and adjustments to Rule UI

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