Mode tile popups

I have added a mode tile to my dashboard, is it possible to change the icons that pop up when you click it?

Welcome ot the community and thanks for posting! What would you like to change about them?

The Mode tile displays the modes that are reported by your hub. So if the modes are changed in the hub (and you reauthorize to sync them over), then the Mode tile will show those updated modes.

Edit: Or do you mean assigning custom icons for custom modes?

Hi Josh,

Yeah, should have been a bit clearer than that, I meant custom tiles for the different modes, I worked out that the night mode is a moon, but can we change them?


Thanks for the clarification. You can change the icon on the tile itself, but not in the mode ‘picker’ popup.

A common approach I’ve seen is to add the individual modes to your dashboard and then customize the icons of those tiles as you see fit.

That being said, there are some relevant feature requests that you may be interested in voting on:

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Cool, I’ll do that now, cheers… Stay safe.

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