Custom Icons by Mode in Mode-Picker


Enable custom icons to be used in Mode-Picker, by mode.

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I’m a HE user and am using mode-picker tile in View-Only mode on a dashboard to indicate which mode the house is in (I don’t want to switch it from the dashboard, just report on status). I have added a few additional, custom modes to my configuration, so the complete set of modes is:

  • Early Morning (5:00AM-7:00AM or sunrise, whichever is later - custom mode).
  • Day (7:00AM or Sunrise until Sunset or 6:00PM, whichever is earlier).
  • Evening (Sunset or 6:00PM, whichever is earlier, until 9:00PM).
  • Night (9:00PM - midnight).
  • Late Night (midnight-5:00AM - custom mode).

Mode picker has icons for the standard modes (day/evening/night). If I use tiles for my individual nodes, then I can assign custom icons to those tiles, however this cannot be done for the mode-picker tile.

Request that the mode-picker tile be updated so this can be done.

Not at the moment. Feel free to create a Feature Request for it though! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Moved this post to Feature Requests.

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There are indeed some pretty basic modes that need icons, even short of allowing full-blown customization. For example, the following modes I use need icons:
(1) Vacation
(2) Asleep

I also need icons for some other modes below, but these would justify full-blown icon customization:
(3) Vacation with Housesitter
(4) Asleep with Guest
(5) Alert

This is important to me because I do not use text on my dashboard unless absolutely needed. My mode picker did not have any text (just icons) until I realized there’s only two modes that have different icons…so this feature is essential for us minimalists (text haters)

Is there an existing icon for a “Night” mode if I were to rename my “Asleep” mode to “Night”? My “Asleep” mode activates when we are actually alseep, not just when it’s dark, but I would consider renaming it to “Night” if it meant I had the right icon…

There are icons for each of the out of the box modes (covering both Hubitat and SmartThings):

  • “Night” → “moon”
  • “Day” → “sun”
  • “Evening” → “star-half”
  • “Away” → “walking”
  • "Home"→ “home-heart”



While “Day” and “Evening” are standard on only Hubitat and “Home” is standard only on SmartThings, they are recognized and display icons for either hub.

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