Minor look 'n feel bug for lamps with color or temp

Using Mac and Chrome clicking on lamp with adjustable temperature.
Modal pops up but it is 100% transparent.

I would also want a layout for setting light temperature control only without the color picker.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! The color picker is currently semi-transparent by design, but it does look like we have some room for improvement here. Were you expecting either the background of the whole screen to become more opaque/blurred or perhaps a solid color box behind the color controls?

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ve noted your request for Color Temperature control under the existing request.

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Maybe I can ask some of the ux guys at the office tomorrow.
The “close” link seams to be hanging in mid air. Maybe it is not even required. If I click outside anything it closes anyway.
Some more blur like in the example above looks better and makes the color picker and level slider more in focus.

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